Transforming my Garden with just £5: From Overgrown Mess to Perfect Play Area for my Kids – Thanks to Wilko!

"Resourceful Mum Creates Dream Play Area for Child with Just £5 in Garden Transformation Hack"

A resourceful mum from the UK has shared her gardening hack on TikTok, revealing how she transformed a neglected section of her garden into a vibrant play area for her children. Georgina Kenny posted a video on her @georginakenny__ account, showing how she used a simple £5 trick to bring the space back to life.

In the video, Georgina explained how the section of her lawn had become overgrown and needed some TLC. She showed the before and after pictures, demonstrating how she used Wilko bark to cover the area, giving it a fresh new look. The finished result was incredible and perfect for her kids.

Georgina revealed that she was unhappy with the old patch because they constantly had to turf it and dig it up due to previous plants popping up. She and her partner turfed it, dug it up, and got it flat. They then went in with the membrane, cutting around certain plants they wanted to keep. They pinned it down, and added some bark that they got from Wilko.

Georgina said they used about nine bags of bark in total, which cost two for £8. She found black fencing from Poundland, which cost £10 for ten pieces. She painted the fence brown with Wilko paint in English Oak, which cost £7.50. To add a personal touch, she added some sensory, multi-coloured handprints all over the fence and then some bunting in the same colours. She also added a multi-coloured windmill from Poundland.

To finish off the play area transformation, Georgina added a colourful gazebo from Amazon, a trampoline, some colourful chairs that she picked up for £5 on Facebook Marketplace, and a pop-up play tunnel from Amazon. She was thrilled with the final result, saying it was super colourful and sensory, perfect for her almost three-year-old in August and her four-month-old currently. She did it all on an absolute budget.

Georgina’s budget transformation has impressed many people, with one saying, “looks great, well done mama.” Another added, “Lucky boys.” The video has gone viral, with thousands of views and likes.

Georgina’s gardening hack is a perfect example of how simple and affordable changes can make a big difference to a space. With a little creativity and resourcefulness, anyone can transform their garden into a beautiful and functional area for their family to enjoy.

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