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Best Solar Panels Ireland – Solar Installers & Companies


Solar energy is becoming a more prominent power source in Ireland for both homes and businesses. As the world slowly turns towards more sustainable energy production methods, more people are considering solar power as an option. Solar power is a clean and affordable source of renewable energy. It can be harnessed to power homes, commercial buildings, agricultural lands,  and more.

And if you’re also considering going solar smart, you need to pick the best solar company in Ireland. That’s why, in this article, we’ve compiled a list of the most reputable and trusted solar installation companies in Ireland.

What Does Solar Cost in Ireland?

If you’re thinking of going solar, you’re probably wondering how much this is going to cost. The good news is that thanks to government grants, tax reliefs and generous electricity prices in Ireland, the payback period for a typical home can be as low as five years.

On average, the solar installation cost can vary between €5,000 and €18,000 before considering any SEAI grant. The amount you will pay depends on factors specific to your home or commercial buildings, such as the total roof space viable for PV panels.

Moreover, the solar panel survey from solar companies can also give you an idea of how much it would cost to fit solar panels on your home or office building.

top solar panel installers in ireland

Tips For Choosing A Solar Panel Installer In Ireland

  • Research the company’s qualifications. Look for solar panel installers with current certification, insurance, and other credentials that demonstrate the company is qualified and reliable.
  • Check the company’s references. Ask past customers about their experience with the contractor, including the quality of the work, timeliness, and customer service.
  • Ensure the company is licensed and insured in Ireland. Make sure the installer is properly licensed and certified to do business in Ireland.
  • Understand the company’s warranty and service policies. Ask about the warranty and what type of maintenance and repair services are available.
  • Confirm the company’s pricing structure. Make sure you understand the company’s pricing structure and the total costs associated with your installation.
  • Compare multiple solar panel installers. Get quotes from several solar panel installers and compare their prices, services, and terms.

How We Review & Compare Solar Panels Ireland

We believe reading an honest review can provide valuable information about a firm before purchasing or visiting. At TopRated.ie, we provide accurate and unbiased ratings to make your decision more convenient.

We evaluate our top picks based on the following criteria;

Customer satisfaction: Based on their Google reviews and overall rating.

Website Presence: How professional they present themselves online and explain their services and process.

Social Media: How popular they are on social media such as followers, likes, shares and reviews.

Additional Services: Any additional services they may offer to customers.

Customer Experience: We contact the company just like a customer and ask a number of questions to get a feel about there customer service and experience.

Here Are The Best Companies For Solar Panels in Ireland

AEI – Alternative Energy Ireland – Co. Dublin

alternative energy company in Ireland
Company AddressKnockmitten Business Park, Unit E1 Centre Point, Oak Rd, Dublin 12
Website Addresshttps://www.aei.ie/ 
Contact No.+353 1 443 3996
Working Hours09:00 AM – 05:00 PM (Monday To Thursday)09:00 AM – 02:00 PM (Friday)Closed (Saturday & Sunday)
Services OfferedHome Solar Heating System, Installation, Solar Water Heating System, Evacuated Tube Solar Panels, Flat Plate Panels, Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems Installation
Solar PV Panel Cost Calculatorhttps://www.aei.ie/solar-pv-electric/pv-system-cost/ 
Ideal ForResidential Solar Panel System Installations

Alternative Energy Ireland (AEI) is Ireland’s longest-established renewable energy specialist. They have always been committed to bringing renewable energy to all Irish homes, and they now have an experienced team of professionals with a wide range of highly specialised skills, who install solar and other renewable technologies in private homes as well as in commercial applications such as schools and offices.

You could save money on your energy bills and make your home more comfortable with a solar hot-water system from Alternative Energy Ireland. They have many years of experience installing high-efficiency condensing boilers and solar PV systems. 

AEI Commercial – Alternative Energy Ireland – Co. Offaly:

commercial solar company
Company AddressBlock C3 Kilcruttin Business Park, Tullamore
Website Addresshttps://www.aeicommercial.ie/ 
Contact No. 057 930 0100
Working Hours09:00 AM – 05:00 PM (Monday To Friday)
Services OfferedEnergy Survey, Commercial Solar PV System, Installation, LED Lighting Upgrades, Electric Car Charging Points, Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
Ideal ForCommercial, Agri and Industrial Solar Panel System Installations

Alternative Energy Ireland (for commercial purposes) is a company that provides renewable energy services that help businesses and farms reduce their electricity bills. 

Since it started in 2006, AEI has completed over 3000 renewable energy projects, making them one of the leading solar installers for business in Ireland.

The AEI professional team can assist you in reducing onsite consumption and generating your own electricity, helping you to become energy self-sufficient at very competitive rates. They provide numerous services, including surveying a business and recommending upgrades with substantial savings.

Solartricity, Co. Dublin

solar panels dublin, Ireland
Company AddressNorthern Cross Business Park, Unit 17, North Rd, Finglas, Co. Dublin, D11 HN93
Website Addresssolartricity.ie/ 
Contact No. +353 1 864 3721 
Working Hours09:00 AM – 05:00 PM (Monday To Friday) Closed (Saturday & Sunday)
Services OfferedSolar PV Panels, Black-Framed Panels, Flat Plate Solar Panels, Evacuated Tube Solar Panels, Solar Pv Inverters, Hot Water System, Installation, Battery Energy Storage Systems
Ideal ForResidential and Commercial Installations

Solartricity is an Irish company based in Finglas that designs and manufactures solar photovoltaic equipment and microprocessor-based controllers for renewable energy systems. 

The company has been operating since 2008, and it stocks a wide range of solar panels, inverters and other items for next-day delivery throughout Ireland. 

Solartricity customers are located in diverse regions, including India, the Falkland Islands, the United States and more. Solartricity also has customers in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

The company installed solar power systems to suit domestic and commercial requirements. Solartricity also offers a range of solar water heating systems, which come in a variety of styles, including flat plate collectors, evacuated tube collectors and roof-mounted collectors.

Glenergy Solar, Co. Wicklow

solar panels Wicklow, Ireland
Company AddressUnit 1D, Renmore Business Park, Creowen, Kilcoole
Website Addressglenergysolar.ie/ 
Contact No. +353 1 556 3100
Working Hours09:00 AM – 05:30 PM (Monday To Friday)Closed (Saturday & Sunday)
Services OfferedSolar Photovoltaic or Solar PV Panels, Solar Thermal Panels, Flat Plate Solar Panels, Evacuated Tube Solar Panels, Solar Panel For Heating Hot Water, Latento Passive House Systems, EV Car Chargers
Ideal ForSolar PV Systems

Glenergy Solar is a trusted provider of solar panels throughout County Wicklow. They have been distributing them all over the country for more than a decade, and they offer an excellent range of services. They can install anything from residential units to electric vehicle (EV) car chargers.

Glenergy Solar offers everything you would expect from a reputable company; plus, they’re very easy to deal with if you have any questions about your solar panels or anything else for that matter. Their customer service is second to none, and they’ll always be there when you need them.

SolarShare, Co. Dublin

Best Solar Panels Ireland - Solar Installers & Companies
Company AddressCarlisle Building, 51 Bracken Rd, Sandyford, Co. Dublin, D18 CV48
Website Addresssolarshare.ie/products/solar-panels-ireland/ 
Contact No. +353 1800 814 213 / 01 960 9867
Working Hours09:30 AM – 05:00 PM (Monday To Friday) Closed (Saturday & Sunday)
Services OfferedSolar PV Panels, Mounting Systems, Inverters, Optimiser,& Batteries, Electric Vehicle Chargers, Hot Water Diverter, Smart System Integration
Ideal ForResidential and Commercial Installations

SolarShare is an Irish company that helps people generate their own electricity from sunlight by installing solar panels and energy storage batteries.

The company has a team of highly skilled solar PV engineers and electricians who can install a solar PV system at your home or business. 

SolarShare makes it easy for you to go solar and save money on your electricity bill. They work with you to assess your building’s suitability for generating solar power and design a system that’s tailored to your needs. The company also provides financing options to fit your budget. 

SPVenergy, Co. Cavan

best solar panels Ireland
Company AddressKingscourt, Co. Cavan
Website Addressspvenergy.ie/ 
Contact No. +353 87 782 4799
Working Hours08:00 AM – 05:00 PM (Monday To Friday)Closed (Saturday & Sunday)
Services OfferedSolar PV Systems, MIPS Commercial Project, Ground Mount System, Electric Car Home charger, Accelerated Capital Allowance, Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme (TAMS) grants
Ideal ForResidential and Commercial Installations

If you’re looking for a way to make solar power more affordable, then SPVenergy might be a great option for you. 

SPVenergy is a new Solar PV company looking to provide the highest quality solar power systems for the lowest price guaranteed to home and business owners. They provide free site assessments, and a detailed report on the solar power system they’d recommend, along with a financial incentive toward the cost of purchasing and installing the system. 

In addition, if you are not eligible for the SEAI grant, you may be able to get a government subsidy (tax credits) toward the cost of solar panels with SPVenergy. 

Clean Energy Ireland, Co. Cork

solar panels Cork, Ireland
Company AddressRathard, Aherla, Co. Cork
Website Addresscleanenergyireland.ie/ 
Contact No. +353 21 428 9407
Working Hours09:00 AM – 05:30 PM (Monday To Friday)Closed (Saturday & Sunday)
Services OfferedSolar Photovoltaic or Solar PV Panels, Solar Thermal Panels, Mechanical Ventilation Heating and Plumbing, Airtightness & Sound Testing
Ideal ForResidential and Commercial Solar PV System Installation

Clean Energy Ireland is the name to remember in Cork when it comes to solar panels or any kind of renewable energy installation. 

The team of professionals at Clean Energy Ireland can perform a wide variety of services for your home or business. They can fit solar panels, heaters, and ventilation systems; carry out sound testing and air tightness testing, and perform a range of other jobs. They also have excellent preventive maintenance and guarantee packages.

O’Meara Energy, Co. Tipperary

Best Solar Panels Ireland - Solar Installers & Companies
Company AddressToomevara Health Centre, Woodlands, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, E45 TP66
Website Addressomearaenergy.com/ 
Contact No. +353 87 388 1872
Working Hours08:00 AM – 05:00 PM (Monday To Friday)Closed (Saturday & Sunday)
Services OfferedResidential Solar photovoltaic (PV) Panel, commercial PV Panels, Ground Mount PV Panels, Home Smart Systems
Ideal ForResidential, Commercial, and Agriculture Solar System Installation

O’Meara Energy is a family-run company based in Toomevara, a small townland outside Nenagh, Co. Tipperary.  They offer renewable energy solutions and sell generators to homeowners and businesses throughout the country.

The company also provides consultancy services in relation to planning applications for SEAI grants. Since its inception, the company has successfully completed over 250 solar PV system installation projects. 

In just a few years, O’Meara Energy has built a reputation for its ability to deliver renewable energy products and services in a way that is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.


How Do Solar Panels Work?

A solar panel uses the power of sunlight to make electricity. Solar panels are made up of smaller units called PV (photovoltaic cells). The photovoltaic cells are made from semiconducting materials, most commonly silicon. 
When sunlight hits a photoelectric (PV) cell, it knocks electrons free from their atoms. The electrons can then flow through conductors attached to the negative and positive sides of the cell, creating an electric current.

Are There Grants Available For Solar Energy?

Yes, the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) gives out grants for solar energy installation.

Are Solar Panels Reliable?

The answer is yes. Solar panels are very reliable.
They work in even the most extreme environments, such as space stations and mountaintops, where they can get temperatures ranging from -15 degrees Celsius to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Solar panels even work underwater.

How Long Can Solar Panels Last?

As long as you don’t permanently damage the panel itself, solar panels can last up to 25 or more years and will still produce enough electricity to be worthwhile.

Will Solar PV Panels Fit on Our Roof?

Yes, solar PV panels can be installed on a wide range of roof types – including flat roofs, slate roofs and tiled roofs. The installation process is tailored to the individual property. Even if your roof is not ideal, there are still ways to make a solar system work.
Generally, there are many factors that go into determining whether or not your roof is suitable for solar PV panels, and if so, what kind would work best for you. For example, you need to find out where the panel will be installed on your roof and which direction your home faces (south-facing homes get more sun than north-facing ones).

The Bottom Line:

People in Ireland are increasingly turning to solar energy because it’s a clean and renewable option. Using solar energy, you’ll save money, help the environment, and reduce the world’s carbon footprint.

Many best solar companies in Ireland are helping make Ireland more environmentally friendly. We have written a summary of each company that can offer assistance with solar panel assessments, installation, and maintenance above. 

This will help you decide which solar company will best suit your requirements. Feel free to comment down below if you have any other queries relating to solar companies in Ireland. 

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