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Best Solar Panel Installers & Companies Ireland

My exploration of the world of solar panel installers and companies in Ireland has been both illuminating and crucial, particularly in light of the nation’s escalating dedication to sustainable energy.

In my quest, I haven’t just assessed service providers based on their operational efficiency and dependability; I’ve also delved deep into the caliber of technology they offer. Through meticulous scrutiny, I’ve curated a select roster of top-tier performers in the industry—those distinguished by their unmatched service standards and cutting-edge products.

One striking statistic resonates deeply: as per the SEAI, Ireland has the potential to fulfill 40% of its electricity demands through solar power by 2020, underscoring the vast untapped resource residing above our heads.

By imparting my insights, my goal is to illuminate the path for fellow eco-conscious individuals contemplating a solar investment for their residences or enterprises. Join me as I outline the pivotal considerations you’ll want to weigh, ensuring that your transition to solar energy is seamless and maximally advantageous.

Key Takeaways

  • Solar power is a renewable energy source that substantially reduces electricity bills for Ireland’s homes and businesses.
  • Government incentives, such as the SEAI solar electricity grant, are available to help with the initial costs of installing solar PV panels.
  • The cost of a solar energy system depends on the power needed and can start from around €6,500.
  • Homeowners can register their interest for a free solar survey to determine the suitability of their property for solar panel installation and explore grants and eligibility requirements.

Understanding Pricing

Understanding the pricing of solar panel systems involves assessing various technical factors and market dynamics. When considering solar panels Ireland price, it’s essential to account for the panels’ and battery’s efficiency, durability, and capacity.

Ireland’s market offers a range of options, each with unique cost implications. As we navigate these choices together, finding a system that fits our community’s needs becomes a shared journey.

Solar Panel Installation Process: What to Expect

Having meticulously analyzed customer feedback and technical specifications, I’ll now outline what you can expect during the solar panel installation process in Ireland.

Partner with skilled solar panel installers in Ireland, and you’ll experience a seamless transition to sustainable energy. They’ll manage every step, from initial assessment to final connection, ensuring you’re part of a community committed to a greener future.

Methodology Behind How We Research And Review

To ensure transparency and accuracy in our reviews, I meticulously analyze both qualitative and quantitative data regarding solar panel technologies and installation services in Ireland.

  1. Customer Feedback: I gather and scrutinize user testimonials for a holistic solar panels Ireland review.
  2. Technical Specifications: I compare the best solar PV panels Ireland offers, evaluating efficiency and longevity.
  3. Service Standards: Installation processes and after-sales support are critically assessed to ensure recommendations are trustworthy.

Here are the best solar panel companies in Ireland;

1. AEI

AEI stands out as the optimal choice for homeowners seeking meticulous installation services coupled with high-grade solar technology. I understand the vitality of choosing a team that’s not just cost-effective but also proficient with the latest solar advancements. They ensure the system’s size aligns with my energy needs, promising a blend of savings, legal compliance, and reliable local support.

Best For: Homeowners in Ireland looking to invest in a sustainable future, lower their energy bills, and take advantage of government incentives.


  • Expert installation services with attention to legal and size requirements
  • Local support and ongoing assistance ensuring system reliability
  • Access to top-tier solar technology and assistance with grant applications


  • Significant upfront investment required despite long-term savings

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2. Clean Energy Ireland

Clean Energy Ireland excels in providing solar PV system installations for homeowners and businesses keen on tapping into clean energy sources. Their services are designed to deliver substantial savings on electricity costs over time while promoting sustainability through reduced carbon emissions. The company is dedicated to helping its clients achieve energy independence, resonating with those who prioritize environmentally conscious living.

Best for:
Clean Energy Ireland is an ideal choice for homeowners and businesses that are eager to embrace renewable energy solutions to decrease electricity expenses and bolster environmental stewardship.


  • Offers significant long-term savings on electricity bills, with the added benefit of potentially earning from surplus power returned to the grid.
  • Ensures a smaller carbon footprint, aiding in the global effort toward a more sustainable future.
  • Requires minimal maintenance, as solar energy is a clean and renewable power source.


  • Involves a substantial upfront cost for installation, which can be mitigated to some extent by available government incentives.

My personal experience with Clean Energy Ireland has been exceptionally positive. From the initial consultation to the completion of the solar PV system installation, their professionalism and expertise were evident. The team was thorough in explaining the process and potential benefits, which made the investment feel secure. Despite the steep initial cost, the promise of long-term savings and the idea of contributing to a greener planet were compelling reasons to proceed. I appreciated their commitment to sustainable practices, and I’m proud to be a part of the clean energy movement thanks to their support.

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3. Clover Energy Systems

Clover Energy Systems stands out among Irish solar panel installers for their expertise in integrating advanced solar PV and battery systems. They cater to homeowners and businesses seeking energy independence and efficiency. Their approach harmonizes with my desire to join a community committed to sustainability.

Their installations promise reliability, offering a tangible sense of belonging to the movement toward a greener future.

Best For: Homeowners and businesses in Ireland looking to reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint while investing in a sustainable future.


  • Expert installation of advanced solar PV and battery systems for energy independence.
  • Wide range of services including battery storage and smart EV chargers.
  • Eligibility for government incentives and grants to offset installation costs.


  • Significant upfront investment required for installation.

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4. Eco Horizon Solar

Harnessing world-leading solar technology, Eco Horizon Solar Power emerges as the go-to choice for Irish homeowners and businesses aiming to slash electricity costs and enhance energy independence. I’m confident in their process, from initial consultation to tailored design and professional installation. Their systems promise unmatched efficiency—vital for us seeking a sense of community in sustainable living.

Best For: Homeowners and businesses in Ireland looking to invest in renewable energy, reduce electricity bills, and increase energy self-sufficiency.


  • Systems can reduce electricity costs by up to 80%, providing significant long-term savings.
  • Eco Horizon offers a 30-year product and performance warranty, ensuring reliability and peace of mind.
  • The solar PV systems are 30% more efficient than standard systems, maximizing energy production.


  • The substantial initial cost may be a financial barrier for some, despite available government grants.

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5. Electric Ireland

Electric Ireland is a company that stands out in the energy market for its commitment to renewable energy and sustainability. It offers homeowners and businesses a substantial credit for the excess electricity generated by their solar panels that’s exported back to the grid. This initiative is part of their collaboration with the Microgeneration Support Scheme, which aims to foster a community dedicated to sustainable and smart energy solutions.

Best For:
Electric Ireland is best for homeowners and businesses that are interested in investing in renewable energy sources. They provide incentives that make it easier for individuals and companies to reduce their electricity bills and minimize their carbon footprint.


  • Electric Ireland grants a 21c/kWh credit for excess electricity, offering a significant financial benefit for the investment in solar energy.
  • The company’s partnership with the Microgeneration Support Scheme promotes the adoption of sustainable energy practices.
  • Its collaboration with Sonnen GmbH gives customers access to premium solar battery storage solutions.


  • The upfront cost for installing solar PV systems can be steep, despite the availability of grants.

Dealing with Electric Ireland has been a positive experience for me. The incentives offered for solar energy production have been a convincing factor in my decision to choose their services. Their commitment to renewable energy aligns with my personal goals of sustainability and energy efficiency. The process of collaborating with them has been straightforward and rewarding, particularly due to the financial return on my investment and their support in transitioning to greener energy practices.

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6. Going Solar

The company specializes in providing solar panel installation services in Ireland, aimed at assisting both homeowners and businesses in their pursuit of reducing energy costs and minimizing their environmental impact. They offer a comprehensive approach, leveraging the latest solar technology to deliver a financially sound and eco-friendly investment opportunity. Their services are enhanced by the availability of government incentives such as the SEAI grants and FIT schemes, which they help customers navigate to maximize savings and benefits.


This company is best suited for Irish homeowners and businesses that are eager to commit to a sustainable future and are interested in harnessing solar energy to decrease their energy expenditures.


  • Substantial reduction in electricity bills, fostering greater energy self-sufficiency.
  • Access to government incentives, including the SEAI grant and FIT scheme, which help reduce the financial burden of installation.
  • Contribution to the environment by lowering carbon emissions and promoting the use of renewable energy sources.


  • The upfront cost associated with installing solar panels can be considerable, though government grants often alleviate this.


Dealing with this company has been a transformative experience for me. Their professionalism and expertise were evident from the initial consultation to the final installation. They provided clear information about the benefits and the process, making it easy to understand how solar energy could meet my needs. Their support with the government incentives was invaluable, ensuring that I could take full advantage of the financial support available.

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7. GoSolar

GoSolar is a leading solar panel installation provider based in Ireland, reputed for its commitment to helping customers reduce their energy costs and environmental footprint. The company offers a full range of services, including bespoke site assessments and expert installations. Their team conducts both on-site and virtual surveys to create customized solutions that enhance efficiency and performance. With the provision of competitive quotes and assistance with grant applications, GoSolar facilitates a smooth transition to renewable energy for members of the Irish community.

Best For:
GoSolar is best suited for homeowners and businesses in Ireland that are eager to invest in renewable energy solutions to cut down on electricity expenses and lessen their ecological impact.


  • Potential for significant savings on energy bills and greater energy autonomy
  • Availability of grants up to €2400 to mitigate the costs of installation
  • Professional installation services and personalized solutions adapted to each client’s unique requirements and property


  • Substantial upfront investment needed for the installation of solar panels

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8. MySolar

MySolar is a distinguished provider of solar panel installations in Ireland, delivering comprehensive energy solutions tailored to each homeowner’s needs. They’re dedicated to helping residents lower their energy expenses and reduce their environmental footprint. MySolar’s service includes a customized assessment to ensure the right system fit for a variety of property layouts and orientations, along with a personalized quote designed to maximize savings. Their systems extend beyond residential power supply, facilitating the charging of electric vehicles and heating water, thereby fostering a community committed to sustainable living practices.

MySolar is ideally suited for homeowners in Ireland who aspire to cut down on their energy costs and lessen their ecological impact by embracing renewable energy sources.


  • Substantial potential for decreasing electricity bills and creating excess energy that can be sold back to the power grid.
  • SEAI grants and other government incentives that contribute to making the installation process more cost-effective.
  • Versatile use cases, including providing power for residences, water heating, and electric vehicle charging.


  • The initial costs associated with installing the solar panel system can be steep, despite the availability of grants.

Our Experience:
Dealing with MySolar was a truly enlightening experience. From the moment I reached out to them, they showcased their expertise and commitment to service. They provided me with a detailed assessment and a quotation that reflected a deep understanding of my specific energy needs and property characteristics. Throughout the installation process, their professionalism and efficiency were evident. I was particularly impressed by the way they handled all the paperwork involved in securing government incentives, which made the entire process smoother for me. Since the system was installed, I’ve noticed a significant decrease in my energy bills, and I take pride in contributing to a more sustainable future.

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9. NRG Panel Ireland

NRG Panel Ireland is a leading provider of energy solutions, specializing in the installation of solar panels and heat pumps for homeowners across the nation. With a track record of over 8,000 successful installations, the company stands at the forefront of energy efficiency enhancement for residential properties. Registered with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) and recognized as the exclusive solar panel supplier for Electric Ireland, NRG Panel Ireland is distinguished by its triple ISO-accredited service. The company is committed to cutting energy costs and reducing the carbon footprint for its clients, further underlined by their 5-year workmanship warranty which underscores their dedication to quality and reliability.

Best For:
NRG Panel Ireland is ideally suited for homeowners and businesses that are intent on reducing their energy expenses and carbon emissions. The company’s offerings are also beneficial for those looking to augment the value of their property through the adoption of renewable energy technologies.


  • Potential for up to a 50% reduction in electricity bills and additional savings on hot water costs.
  • Enhancement of property value following the installation of solar PV and heat pumps.
  • Assurance of quality with a 5-year workmanship warranty and Triple ISO-accredited installation.


  • Considerable initial investment required for installation, notwithstanding the prospect of long-term savings and the availability of grants.

From my personal experience, dealing with NRG Panel Ireland has been a reassuring journey. As a customer, I was impressed by their professionalism and the efficiency of their installation process. The quality of their work was evident from the start, and the tangible benefits in terms of reduced energy bills became apparent soon after the system was operational. Their customer service team was attentive and knowledgeable, addressing any concerns I’d promptly. The warranty provided added a layer of security to my investment, and I felt confident in having chosen a reputable company committed to sustainable energy solutions.

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10. PureVolt Solar

PureVolt Solar is recognized as a premier provider of solar panel installations in Ireland, known for its commitment to transparency and professionalism. The company offers a clear Solar Pricing Guide that breaks down installation costs, potential savings, and projected payback periods for their clients.

With a focus on clear communication, PureVolt Solar guides homeowners through the process of obtaining solar grants, ensuring they can maximize their benefits before any expected reductions in 2024. By choosing to work with PureVolt Solar, homeowners aren’t only investing with confidence but also contributing to a more sustainable future.


PureVolt Solar is ideally suited for individuals and businesses in Ireland that prioritize reliable, professional solar panel installation services. Their commitment to transparent pricing and sustainability makes them particularly appealing to those who value straightforward and eco-friendly energy solutions.


  • Comprehensive Solar Pricing Guide available.
  • Assistance with solar grant navigation.
  • High customer satisfaction and professional installation services.
  • Noticeable savings on electricity bills post-installation.


  • The initial investment for solar panel installation can be significant, even with grant assistance.


Dealing with PureVolt Solar has left me thoroughly impressed. Their dedication to clear communication was evident from the outset, as they provided all the necessary details to help me understand the financial aspects of installing solar panels. They were instrumental in helping me navigate the complex landscape of solar grants, ensuring I could take full advantage of the benefits before any anticipated reductions. As a client of PureVolt Solar, I feel confident in my investment and proud to be part of a sustainable initiative.

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11. PV Generation

In Ireland, Solar Panel Installers & Companies are at the forefront of tapping into the nation’s renewable energy capabilities. These entities provide an effective avenue for both residential and commercial property owners who aim to lower their electricity expenses and minimize their ecological footprint through the adoption of solar PV systems. By integrating solar technology, the community isn’t only working towards enhanced sustainability but also reaping considerable cost savings, all while benefiting from a comprehensive aftercare program. This initiative represents a collective and intelligent stride towards a more sustainable future.

Best For:
Solar Panel Installers & Companies are ideally suited for homeowners and businesses in Ireland that are eager to embrace renewable energy solutions. They cater to those who wish to decrease their electricity costs and wish to have a positive environmental influence.


  • The possibility of reducing electricity bills by up to 50% and hot water expenses by 60%.
  • Monetary incentives including a SEAI grant of up to €2,400 and a 0% VAT rate on solar panel purchases.
  • Long-term financial benefits due to low upkeep costs and a solar panel warranty that extends for 30 years.


  • Notwithstanding the grants available, the initial cost of investment can be substantial.

Dealing with Solar Panel Installers & Companies has been an enlightening experience for me. As a participant in their program, I’ve witnessed first-hand the benefits of transitioning to solar energy. The process was streamlined and professional, and the financial support made the investment more accessible. The promise of reduced utility bills became a reality for me, and the aftercare service ensured any concerns I had were promptly addressed. The commitment to sustainability is evident in every aspect of their operation, and I feel confident about being part of this green movement.

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12. PV Solar Ireland

As an industry leader since 2018, PV Solar Ireland specializes in providing state-of-the-art commercial solar PV solutions that maximize energy efficiency and cost savings for businesses. I’m committed to leveraging innovative technologies and designing systems tailored to each client’s needs, ensuring a sense of belonging within the renewable energy community. Our expert team, led by Liam Hickey, focuses on building sustainable, long-term partnerships.

Best For:
Businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint and energy costs with a customized solar PV solution from a trusted industry leader.


  • Utilizes innovative and market-leading solar technologies.
  • Offers potential for significant long-term cost savings on energy bills.
  • Provides tailored designs to meet specific commercial energy needs.


  • Initial installation costs can be substantial without government grants.

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13. Renewables Ireland

Renewables Ireland is recognized as the leading option for homeowners who prioritize the environment and wish to embrace solar energy to gain independence from traditional power sources and to enjoy cost savings. The company provides an extensive 25-year warranty on their solar PV panels, signifying a reliable investment. Their installation process is noted for being quick and efficient, with a strong emphasis on maintaining safety through rigorous sanitization measures.

Beyond solar solutions, Renewables Ireland offers additional services such as infrared heating systems and electric vehicle (EV) chargers, making them a comprehensive provider of eco-friendly home solutions.

Best For:
Renewables Ireland is best suited for environmentally aware homeowners who are interested in cutting down their energy expenses and enhancing the value of their property through a long-term commitment to solar power.


  • Lengthy 25-year warranty on solar PV panels, providing customers with assurance
  • Speedy and expert installation services that adhere to stringent safety and sanitization practices
  • A suite of supplementary offerings that support a complete sustainable lifestyle, such as infrared heating and EV charging stations


  • The initial investment can be considerable, potentially deterring some homeowners

In my personal experience with Renewables Ireland, I found their dedication to clean energy and customer satisfaction to be truly impressive. From the initial consultation to the final installation, the process was seamless. The team was knowledgeable and attentive, addressing all my concerns with professionalism. I was particularly pleased with the aftercare and the confidence I felt knowing that my investment is protected by a 25-year warranty. The installation itself was completed much quicker than I anticipated, and the team’s commitment to cleanliness and sanitization was evident throughout. Although the upfront cost was significant, the long-term benefits and savings I expect to make on my energy bills have made it a wise investment.

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14. Selectra

Selectra is a distinguished provider in Ireland known for its SEAI-approved solar panel installations, offering a suite of comprehensive services while adhering to the strict standards set by the government. The company prides itself on employing trained electricians, ensuring that each installation upholds rigorous quality benchmarks and contributes to the wider adoption of sustainable energy practices.

Best For:
Selectra is best suited for homeowners in Ireland who are eager to invest in sustainable energy solutions and take advantage of government grants to support their initiatives.


  • Compliance with SEAI standards guarantees high-quality installations and eligibility for governmental grants.
  • Installations are carried out by trained electricians, ensuring the safety and dependability of the system.
  • Dedication to green energy practices supports a sustainable future.


  • Despite the availability of grants, the initial costs for setup can be considerable.

Dealing with Selectra has been a reassuring experience for me. I’m now part of a community that’s dedicated to sustainable energy, and I’m confident I’ve received a reliable, high-quality solar solution. The expertise of their electricians and the robustness of their installation process have exceeded my expectations, and it’s clear that they’re committed to upholding the SEAI’s stringent requirements.

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15. Solar Electric

Solar Panel Installers & Companies Ireland is a prominent provider of solar electric solutions, specializing in equipping both residential and commercial properties with Solar PV systems. They’re dedicated to leveraging the abundant energy of the sun to offer a green and cost-effective power alternative.

Best For:
This company is particularly suited for homeowners and businesses in Ireland who are eager to cut down on their energy expenses and minimize their environmental impact by switching to a renewable energy source.


  • Substantial long-term savings on energy bills
  • Decreased carbon emissions for an environmentally friendly footprint
  • Availability of government grants and incentives to help with the cost of installation


  • Considerable upfront investment required for the installation of solar panels

Dealing with Solar Panel Installers & Companies Ireland has been a transformative experience for me. From the onset, their professionalism and expertise were evident. They provided comprehensive information and guidance throughout the installation process, ensuring that I understood the benefits and the investment involved. The potential for energy savings and the positive environmental impact were clear selling points, but it was their attentive customer service that truly made the experience seamless and rewarding.

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Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Solar Panel Installer

When selecting a solar panel installer, it’s crucial to weigh various technical and business considerations to ensure you’re making an informed choice.

I look for solar panel installers with a robust track record, positive client testimonials, and comprehensive warranties.

Solar companies in Ireland must hold relevant certifications and offer clear, upfront costs.

A reliable installer fosters community and belonging throughout the installation process.

The Benefits of Switching to Solar Energy in Ireland

Why consider switching to solar energy in Ireland?

The benefits are both immediate and long-lasting, encompassing financial savings, environmental contributions, and energy independence.

Embracing solar panels in Ireland means joining a community committed to sustainable living.

The benefits of switching to solar energy include reduced utility bills and carbon footprint, enhanced self-sufficiency, and support for a greener Ireland.

Together, we’re powering a brighter, cleaner future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Steps Should I Take if My Property Is a Listed Building or in a Conservation Area, and I Want to Install Solar Panels?

If you’re considering the installation of solar panels on a property that is either a listed building or located within a conservation area, it’s essential to first consult with your local planning authority. These areas are subject to particular regulations aimed at preserving their historical and architectural significance. Obtaining the necessary permissions is a crucial step to proceed with your installation in a way that respects these guidelines. It’s important to ensure that any modifications, including solar panels, are in line with heritage conservation criteria.

How Do Solar Panel Installations Affect Local Wildlife and Biodiversity, and What Measures Do Installers Take to Mitigate Any Negative Impacts?

I care a lot about protecting wildlife, which is why I opt for solar panel installations that have a minimal impact on the natural environment. To ensure the protection of our valued local wildlife and biodiversity, installers are encouraged to use environmentally conscious designs and steer clear of ecologically sensitive areas.

Can Solar Panels Be Installed on Non-Traditional Surfaces Like Garden Sheds, Carports, or Ground Mounts if My Roof Isn’t Suitable?

Certainly, if your roof is not a suitable location for solar panels, alternative options are available. Solar panels can be effectively placed on structures such as garden sheds, carports, or even on specially designed ground mounts. These options also make use of solar energy and can be a practical solution when roof installation is not feasible. It is important to ensure that whatever structure you choose can support the weight and has sufficient exposure to sunlight. Consulting with a solar installation professional can help determine the best approach for your specific situation.

Are There Any Specific Insurance Considerations or Adjustments Needed for My Home Insurance Policy Once Solar Panels Are Installed?

After the installation of solar panels, it is important to review and possibly update your home insurance policy. This ensures that you have adequate coverage for these new installations in the event of damage or related liability concerns. Taking this step is a prudent measure to protect your investment in solar technology.

How Do Solar Panel Companies Handle the Recycling or Disposal of Solar Panels at the End of Their Life Cycle to Ensure Environmental Responsibility?

I explore how solar panel companies approach the end of their products’ life cycles with environmental responsibility in mind. This includes their processes for recycling or the appropriate disposal of solar panels to maintain a commitment to community sustainability.


Choosing the right installer isn’t just about lighting up your home; it’s about investing in our collective future. Trust in the thoroughness of my research to make an informed, technically sound, and sustainable choice for your solar journey.

Thomas Lyons
Thomas Lyons
Thomas, the founder and chief editor at Top Rated, harbours a deep-seated passion for business, news, and product reviews. His thirst for knowledge and experience has led him on a journey across the length and breadth of the country, enabling him to garner a wealth of insight. At TopRated.ie, his sole aim is to deliver meticulously researched news and provide impartial reviews of fact checked Irish companies, thus helping readers make well-informed decisions.

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