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7 Fascinating Activities You Can Engage in While Visiting Ireland in 2024 

Many travelers often consider trips to Ireland to be pricier compared to other destinations in Western Europe. However, Ireland offers a unique blend of lively atmosphere, year-round festive events, and breathtaking natural scenery.

Beyond its vibrant ambiance, Ireland boasts an array of iconic landmarks, picturesque hiking spots, majestic castles, and charming villages. Still not convinced? Let’s delve into some captivating activities that will undoubtedly enhance your Irish adventure:

  1. Engage in Music, Festivals, and Dancing 

Music and festivals have been an integral part of Irish society for years. Traditional dances and music is a thriving tradition that is always kept alive by local musicians and dancers. 

Usually, there are plenty of Irish music and festivals scheduled for locals and tourists throughout the year. Some of the most popular music and cultural festival events include the TradFest, St Patrick’s Day, the International Oyster and Seafood Festival, the Fringe Festival, and the Bram Stoker Festival in October. 

A night out or holiday requires funds. Some people have been successful with Powerball lottery winnings to boost their credit cards trying to tour this scenic-stealing tourist destination. 

Whichever method you use to get money to facilitate your visit to Ireland, the fact remains that there are tons of fun activities to enjoy in the country.  

  1. Kiss the Blarney Stone 

There are many legends that try to explain the origin of the Blarney stone, located in Blarney Castle, about 5 miles from Cork. Nevertheless, according to mythologies, kissing this stone will endow you with the “gift of the gap,” which means great eloquence. 

Besides, the castle is a fabulous work of art by itself and you can visit it as a tourist site. 

  1. Explore Ireland’s Dark Tourism 

Take part in dark tourism and learn about Ireland’s dark side of history and culture. Some of the most visited destinations include the Glasnevin Cemetery in Dublin, Titanic Belfast, and the Kilmainham Gaol. 

Glasnevin Cemetery has a museum and holds the graves of many notable figures. On the other hand, Kilmainham Gaol is a former prison that was converted into a museum, while Titanic Belfast is a tourist attraction that opened in 2012. 

  1. Learn the Irish Slang 

Get to meet Irish people and learn Irish slang. According to Conde Nast Traveler, Dublin is among the friendliest cities in Europe. 

English is the main language, but that doesn’t mean the Irish dialect lacks a massive impact on how the locals speak. And since Irish slang can be hard to understand as a visitor, learning one or two slang words while in the country might be fun. 

For instance, “craic” means fun, “grand” means everything, and “deadly or class” means something that is extremely good.  

  1. Take Part in Irish Literature 

You can also participate in Irish literature festivals and workshops. The earliest Irish writing available today dates back to the 7th century. 

They are believed to be from monks who wrote in Early Irish and Latin. Some of the Irish writings on record today include poetry, mythologies, and religious texts. 

Besides, Ireland is renowned as the land of great writers. The top writers who comprise the core element of Ireland’s literature culture include James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, W.B Yeats, George Bernard Shaw, Samuel Beckett, and Seamus Heaney. 

  1. Learn about the Viking Heritage and the Potato Famine 

You also have a chance to learn about fascinating historical events if you visit Ireland. These stories are usually narrated by local specialists and bring out what you can call “the best history lesson ever.” 

For instance, you can learn stories dating back as far as the Vikings, who are said to have settled in Dublin in 841 AD. Another fascinating story is the “Potato Famine” or the “Great Famine,” where Ireland suffered a period of starvation from 1845 to 1852. You can even explore the replica ship used in 1800 by emigrants who left Ireland to seek refuge in America. 

  1. Explore Ireland’s Greenways and Trails 

Ireland’s spectacular natural environment represents the country’s sense of identity, from national parks to landscapes and seascapes. In that case, you can fully enjoy Ireland’s scenery by cycling on designated greenways

The best part is that these greenways and trails are usually traffic-free because they are exclusively built for cyclists and pedestrians. 

Some of the most spectacular sites for natural beauty include cliffs at Slieve League, the golden beaches of Wexford, and the Connemara National Park. 

Final Word 

There are plenty of activities to enjoy while visiting the Republic of Ireland, from people to savage landscapes to cultural activities and history. Of course, the above suggestions are not the only activities available in Ireland; there is much more. Be sure to visit our “Travel” section and learn more about visiting Ireland.

Thomas Lyons
Thomas Lyons
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