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Hello, authors! Welcome to Top Rated, a fast-growing, Ireland-based review website that assists people in discovering the finest tourist destinations, goods, and services around the country.  Given that powerful, unique, and quality content is our greatest strength, we are now providing an incredible opportunity for writers from all over the world to demonstrate their skills and abilities, and to join our successful team and exciting work community. We would be delighted to publish your work on our blog and have you join our team if you are an ambitious and driven writer who can write on a variety of topics that are in line with the style of our work, and that connect with our valuable audience. 

What do we publish?

Top Rated Ireland is a well-designed and user-friendly website that is mainly focused on assisting all tourists to Ireland, as well as Irish customers, in locating the highest-rated services, brands, tourist sites, and other companies in every industry field needed. We update our readers on significant government programs aimed at enhancing and empowering the Irish community, as well as the newest advancements in Ireland in the domains of innovation, finance, and enterprise. We offer a variety of articles ranging from economics and business to the tourism industry, all to accommodate the Irish consumer or visitor seeking the highest quality of service in Ireland. We publish articles on a variety of topics, thus we require a writer who can write in a variety of styles, is very creative and is always up for new challenges.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for enthusiastic writers who want to share their own experiences, reviews, and stories with us and our audience. We want to hear your thoughts and views on the places you have visited, detailed reviews on products you have tried, and other unique insights you would like to share with the world. We value motivated, skilled, adaptable, and hardworking authors who want to demonstrate their abilities while also being a part of an exciting working environment that values their individuality and competence.

Topics we welcome:

  • Company press – write for us
  • Business reviews  -write for us
  • Product & service reviews – write for us
  • News – write for us
  • Business – write for us
  • Marketing – write for us
  • Technology – write for us
  • Travel – write for us
  • Tourism – write for us
  • Outdoors – write for us
  • Camping – write for us
  • Cars – write for us


What we’re looking for in future writers:

  • Ability to write and publish reviews about different items or services you have tried
  • The responsibility to respect our terms of service and writing standards
  • Capacity to share compelling and interesting travel adventures with our audience
  • Potential to create original, plagiarism-free, and customized material that is relevant to our website and our customers
  • Skill to provide unique and high-quality material that will help the website grow in a favorable way.


Why you should you ”write for us”?

  • A recognizable, professional platform on which you will be acknowledged as a respected and appreciated author
  • Opportunity to be a part of our exciting and fast-growing work community, where your thoughts, viewpoints, and aspirations will be appreciated by other team members
  • Chance to enhance and boost your business brand, as well as share your abilities with our followers
  • Opportunity to be identified as a qualified author for a broader audience
  • Freedom to advance your career, increase your knowledge and qualifications, develop your skillset, and improve as a professional author.


While we value our authors’ originality and passion, all content written for our website must be fully unique, never before published anywhere, and in the manner of the services and information we offer. Every piece of material will be reviewed and approved by our team, and it must follow our terms of service and writing guidelines. We will own any content that is published on the Top Rated Ireland website, therefore we will have the ability to make any extra changes or adjustments to the text that we share with our audience. All information that isn’t regarded as relevant can be removed or edited to fit our site’s unique style and adhere to our writing standards.

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