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Top Places To Drive or Visit Near Dublin

Dublin is a great city that has plenty to offer. Each corner you turn has a stunning landmark or view to take in. You can explore some of the museums, galleries, cinemas, festivals, pubs, and bars in Ireland. But that’s not all! 

Dublin is also a gateway to exploring other places like Cork, Galway, Belfast, Wicklow, and many famous towns and villages in Ireland. This makes it an ideal tourist destination.

From the famous majestic castles and amazing parks to the hidden gems, here are the top places to drive or visit near Dublin. 

Great Places To Visit Near Dublin:

This is not a comprehensive list, but it will give you a good idea about what’s available when you want to get out and explore fantastic places to drive near Dublin.

1. Phoenix Park 

It is an excellent place if you’re looking for views of the countryside and beautiful scenic drives near Dublin. Phoenix Park is a top-rated tourist destination because of its many features. You can literally spend the whole day at the park because you won’t run out of other things to do while there. It is also one of the largest city parks in Europe, and it is located only a few km away from the Dublin city center.

Address: Phoenix Park, Dublin 8

Distance From Dublin: 3.4 km via R804 – 3.3 km via R148

Drive Time: 15 to 18 Minutes

2. Newgrange

As fans of mysterious places, we always end up recommending Newgrange to people. Newgrange is a passage grave or prehistoric monument located in County Meath, Ireland. Built around 3200 BC, Newgrange is well worth the hour or two that it takes to see this incredible site. 

Location: Monument in Donore, County Meath

Distance From Dublin: 4.1 km via R802 – 4.4 km via R148

Drive Time: 23 to 25 Minutes

3. Malahide Castle and Gardens

Malahide Castle and Gardens is another great place to visit and drive to near Dublin. The castle has some remarkable features like its drawbridge and spiral staircase. Many people enjoy going birdwatching or just enjoying a nice picnic within the gardens.

Location: Malahide Demesne, Malahide, Co. Dublin

Distance From Dublin: 14.3 km) via R107 – 17.3 km via N1

Drive Time: 32 to 35 Minutes

4. Castletown House

Castletown House is a must-see for anyone who is visiting near Dublin. It is a historic country house with a wealth of fascinating interiors, its own magnificent kitchen and library, some original books from the 17th century, and noteworthy architectural features from the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries.

Location: Castletown, Celbridge, Co. Kildare

Distance From Dublin: 21.5 km via R148 – 23.9 km) via N4

Drive Time: 32 to 35 Minutes

5. Howth

Howth is a beautiful fishing village and scenic seaside destination near Dublin City. The village is a few minutes drive from Dublin City Centre, yet a world away from the hustle and bustle of the city. With stunning panoramic views from the hilltop, Howth is a must-visit for anyone visiting the capital. 

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Distance From Dublin: 16.9 km via R105 – 17.9 km via R104

Drive Time: 38 to 42 Minutes

6. Skryne

Skryne is a small village in County Meath, near Dublin. It is situated just a couple of kilometers west of Dublin, making it easy to reach by car. The village itself is set in beautiful countryside and has several shops, cafes, and restaurants to suit all budgets.

Location: Skreen, Co. Meath

Distance From Dublin:  36.6 km via R135 – 40.9 km via M2

Drive Time: 42 to 45 Minutes

7. Hill of Tara

Hill of Tara, a prehistoric ring fort and National Heritage Site, located a short distance from Dublin city, is another excellent place to visit and drive to. So, if you really want to get back to nature and breathe in the fresh, clean air of Ireland, Hill of Tara might just be for you.

Location: Castleboy, Co. Meath

Distance From Dublin: 42.1 km via R135 – 43.0 km via M3

Drive Time: 42 to 50 Minutes

8. Killiney

Whether you are with your special someone looking for scenic drives outside Dublin or with buddies for new adventures, Killiney is perfect to drive to. It is one of three villages near Dublin packed with historical sites, gorgeous beaches, and breathtaking views. So, give it a try and let us know what you think. 

Location: Scalpwilliam, Co. Dublin

Distance From Dublin: 18.0 km via R118 – 37.3 km via M50

Drive Time: 42 to 50 Minutes

9. Skerries

With its idyllic village greens, quaint shopping streets, and picturesque harbor, Skerries is one of the most historic villages on the East Coast of Ireland. Skerries can provide a memorable day trip for historians and culture buffs, nature lovers, bird watchers, outdoor enthusiasts, artists, and anyone looking for tscenic drives outside Dublin.

Location: Co. Dublin, Ireland

Distance From Dublin: 30.0 km via M1 – 36.8 km via N1

Drive Time: 44 to 50 Minutes

10. Blessington

About an hour’s drive or so south of Dublin, Blessington is a peaceful place where you will find beautiful landscapes and a fantastic golf course. It is a location that combines nature and culture and offers attractions that will please adventurers and lovers of art. So, if you enjoy driving around the beautiful countryside of Ireland, you should consider including Blessington on your next road trip.

Location: Co. Wicklow, Ireland

Distance From Dublin: 35.8 km via N81 – 37.8 km via N7

Drive Time: 45 to 55 Minutes


There are many places to visit outside Dublin if you have a car. Some of these places are known as tourist attractions, while others are considered hidden gems that locals strongly recommend.Β 

Whatever your tastes and preferences, you can certainly find something near Dublin that will suit your fancy. All these places to visit near Dublin are within an hour’s drive.

Thomas Lyons
Thomas Lyons
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