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Rooftop Tents In Ireland – How They Work & Where To Buy

The concept of rooftop tents, although not completely new, has become increasingly popular among outdoor enthusiasts for their convenience and versatility. As the name suggests, these tents are mounted on the roof of a vehicle, providing a secure and elevated sleeping area.

The way these roof tents operate, including their assembly, disassembly, and adaptability, can be fascinating. This discussion will explain the mechanisms of rooftop tents, the differences between hard-shell and soft-shell variants, and how they meet the diverse needs of campers. The subtle details of this popular camping tool will be revealed in the following conversation.

Key Points

  • Rooftop tents provide a unique elevated camping experience with quick setup and built-in comfort features.
  • Different types of rooftop tents cater to different needs, including family, weekend, rugged, and hard-shell models.
  • Mako56, one of the best rooftop tent sellers, offers a range of rooftop tents, each with distinct features suitable for various camping conditions.
  • Practical considerations for rooftop tents include differences between hard and soft shells, installation process, opening time, and comparison with trailers.

Benefits of Owning a Roof Tent

The benefits of owning a rooftop tent are many, offering not only an elevated sleeping platform for enhanced comfort and safety but also an improved outdoor experience in various conditions.

These tents keep campers off the ground, minimising encounters with insects and wildlife. Moreover, their elevated position provides superior views and ventilation compared to traditional ground tents, while their quick setup and takedown add to their convenience.

Selecting the Ideal Rooftop Tent

Choosing the ideal rooftop tent involves considering several key factors. These include your camping style, tent durability, and the tent’s compatibility with your vehicle.

In the following sections, we will discuss top picks for families, weekend warriors, and rugged adventurers to help you select the best option.

Best Picks for Families

For families seeking outdoor adventures, selecting an ideal rooftop tent hinges upon a few key factors such as high weight capacity, spacious design, and the availability of annex options for additional living and storage space.

Family tents typically accommodate 600-800 lbs and offer ample room for comfort. Annexes add versatility, while built-in mattresses and durable materials ensure a cosy, secure outdoor experience for all family members.

Top Choices for Weekend Warriors

Are you a weekend warrior seeking the perfect rooftop tent for your quick getaways? Consider our top choices:

  • Lightweight, compact options
  • Easy-to-set-up tents with minimal features
  • Tents compatible with your vehicle’s roof rack
  • Models with good ventilation and weather resistance
  • Tents that meet your weight and sleeping capacity needs.

Durable Options for Tough Adventurers

When it comes to selecting the ideal rooftop tent for rugged adventurers, durability should be a primary consideration, with hard-shell rooftop tents emerging as the top contenders. Made from tough materials like fibreglass, these tents offer enhanced durability, optimal for off-road expeditions and extreme weather scenarios.

Choosing such a rooftop tent ensures a reliable, resilient shelter for your outdoor adventures, providing a sense of belonging even in the most challenging terrains.

Mako56 – Leading Rooftop Tent Supplier in Ireland

Rooftop Tents In Ireland - How They Work & Where To Buy

Branching out from its base in Ireland, Mako56 rooftop tents have carved a niche for themselves as a leading supplier of rooftop tents, renowned for their durability, quality materials, and easy setup.

  • Offers a wide range of rooftop tents
  • Known for durability and quality
  • Easy setup process
  • Accommodates various vehicles and camping needs
  • Provides reliable customer support and guidance

Mako56, DAOL Business Centre,
Tramore Road, Cork City, T12 HH31

Tel: +353 21 4310879




Enhancing Your Experience with Roof Tent Accessories

Rooftop tents offer a unique camping experience, but this experience can be significantly improved with the right accessories. From boot bags and annexes to insulators, these additions can enhance comfort, increase storage, and improve overall functionality.

In the following discussion, we will explore these accessories in detail, understanding how they contribute to a better rooftop tent camping experience.

Essential Accessories for Roof-Top Tents

To further enhance your camping experience with rooftop tents, it is invaluable to consider a range of accessories, all designed to provide added convenience and comfort.

  • Boot bags, for organised storage of shoes and gear inside the tent.
  • Annexes, for extra usable outdoor space.
  • Insulators, to regulate temperature.
  • Boot Bag Double, for convenient gear storage.
  • Accessories that enhance overlanding and camping enjoyment.

Comparing Tent Types: Hard-Shell vs. Soft-Shell

When choosing a rooftop tent for your outdoor adventures, a critical decision to make involves the selection between hard-shell and soft-shell options.

Hard-shell tents, typically made of durable fibreglass, offer better protection against harsh conditions.

Conversely, soft-shell tents, usually constructed with lightweight canvas, provide easier setup and packing.

The choice ultimately depends on your personal preferences for convenience, durability, and weather resistance.

Compatibility: Ensuring Your Tent Fits Your Vehicle

Ensuring the compatibility of your roof tent with your vehicle is a crucial step towards a safe and enjoyable camping experience.

To ensure a precise fit:

  • Review your vehicle’s roof weight capacity
  • Assess compatibility with your roof rack or cross bars
  • Measure tent dimensions against your vehicle’s roof size
  • Take into account the dynamic weight capacity
  • Adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines for your vehicle model.

Utilising Your Rooftop Tent

To fully benefit from your roof tent, understanding its operation is essential. This includes knowledge on the installation process, methods for opening the tent, and the time typically required for setup.

Additionally, identifying ideal locations for roof camping can enhance your overall experience.

Installation Guide for Rooftop Tents

Installing a rooftop tent on your vehicle involves a process that requires careful attention to the manufacturer’s guidelines, primarily focusing on the use of mounting plates, nuts, and bolts for a secure attachment to roof racks or cross bars.

  • Follow manufacturer’s guidelines
  • Use mounting plates, nuts, and bolts
  • Attach securely to roof racks or cross bars
  • Ensure safety throughout installation
  • Seek help if required during setup

Operating Your Roof Tent

Once the rooftop tent is properly installed, the next step is understanding how to operate it effectively to provide a secure and comfortable sleeping area atop your vehicle. This involves releasing latches or straps to open the tent and securing them for stability.

A retractable ladder facilitates easy access, while the tent can be closed compactly when not in use.

Methods for Opening Roof Top Tents

Understanding the method for opening rooftop tents is crucial for a smooth camping experience. Some tents use gas struts for effortless lifting and closing. Hard-shell tents often feature a hinged design for swift setup. Soft-shell tents require manual extension and pole securing. Pop-up tents employ a simple mechanism for quick deployment. Regardless of type, these methods enhance your camping experience by simplifying tent setup.

Knowing the specifics of how your rooftop tent functions can save time and effort, allowing you to focus on enjoying your outdoor adventure to the fullest.

Timeframe for Tent Setup

In utilising your rooftop tent, it is crucial to note that the timeframe for the setup typically ranges from 5 to 15 minutes, hinging greatly on the specific model and the user’s familiarity with the process.

This involves unfolding the tent, extending the ladder, and securing it to the roof rack or bars. With practice, this process can be significantly expedited.

Ideal Locations for Rooftop Camping

Exploring the ideal locations for rooftop camping involves considering a variety of terrains, as these versatile tents allow for setup wherever your vehicle can safely park.

Ideal locations include:

  • Arid deserts, offering seclusion and unique landscapes
  • Grassy plains, providing open, flat areas
  • Forested regions, for shade and nature immersion
  • Rocky terrains, for adventurous campers
  • Legal parking spots, offering flexibility and convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a good idea to have a rooftop tent?

Rooftop tents are a great choice for outdoor enthusiasts, offering elevated views, quick setup, and comfort in various terrains. They cater to families and larger groups, with different models and accessories available to enhance your camping experience.

Can you sleep in a rooftop tent anywhere?

Roof tents allow flexible camping, as they can be set up anywhere the vehicle can safely park. This includes various terrains like deserts, forests, and grassy plains, making them a versatile choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

Do Rooftop Tents Use More Fuel?

Roof tents are designed to be aerodynamic, minimising drag and therefore, fuel consumption. However, the added weight may slightly affect fuel efficiency, particularly at higher speeds due to increased wind resistance. The impact is generally minimal.

Can my car handle a rooftop tent?

Rooftop tents can be accommodated by many vehicles. However, it’s essential to verify your car’s weight capacity and roof rack stability. Prioritise safety by ensuring your vehicle securely supports the rooftop tent’s weight and installation.


In conclusion, rooftop tents present a remarkable innovation in outdoor camping, providing elevated, comfortable accommodation adaptable to varied terrains. The choice between hard-shell and soft-shell variants, compatibility with the vehicle, and range of available accessories allows for a customisable camping experience.

Mako56 rooftop tent models, in particular, are commendable for their distinctive features. Thus, understanding the workings of rooftop tents is essential to enhance the overall outdoor adventure and make informed choices.

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