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Best Solar Panel Brands in Ireland

The emergence of solar technologies aligns perfectly with the current energy landscape. With conventional electricity costs on the rise and further increases anticipated, the timing for solar innovation couldn’t be more opportune.

Globally, many nations are strategically incorporating solar energy into their energy portfolios, achieving significant milestones in energy production through its adoption.

The appeal of solar lies in its adaptability across various applications. From powering small devices like desk lamps and radios to charging electric vehicles and providing electricity for entire buildings, solar technology proves versatile and scalable.

Ireland stands out as a prime example, having embraced solar energy with enthusiasm. In this article, we delve into the state of solar panel adoption in the country, highlighting top brands and shedding light on available energy grants for qualifying homeowners.

Top Solar Panel Brands in Ireland

Regarding having the physical presence of solar product manufacturers, Ireland may need more in that department. However, we’ve identified the top solar manufacturing brands in Ireland. By that, we mean those brands of solar panels commonly used by installers in the country. 


True to the nature of its name, Solarworld is a world-renowned solar manufacturing company that has been operating for more than three decades now. This company has three major manufacturing facilities – two in Germany and one in the US. The facility in the latter location became a subsidiary of the firm that SunPower eventually purchased. Solarworld has involvement in various solar PV manufacturing operations ranging from turnkey solar systems to solar panels production. 

The company also has a physical presence in other countries through its sales offices. SolarWorld is the largest manufacturer of crystalline solar panels in Europe. With an employee base of over 3,000 individuals, SolarWorld is also a solar distributor and wholesaler. This company’s panels come with a 25-year performance warranty and a workmanship warranty extending to 25 years. 


Solarwatt is also endemic to Germany and one of the leading solar manufacturers in the country. Solarwatt was established in 1993, which gives it 30 years of industry experience. The company is also involved in the production of energy storage systems. It has over 800 employees and a 9 million solar panels production portfolio. Unlike many solar manufacturers, Solarwatt utilises green energy to power its production process, making it the least greenhouse gas emitter among them. 

Solarwatt is renowned for the best quality and most durable solar products. This makes solar watt panels a favorite among Irish installers. Another reason is that its on-glass panels come with a 30-year warranty. This company subjects all its products to rigorous tests before shipping them to various parts of the world. 

Victron Energy

Victron Energy is a Dutch company that has been in existence since 1975. That’s 48 years in the industry. Victron Energy is known as a solar manufacturer with one of the largest production ranges. Its portfolio includes solar panels, charge controllers, inverters, solar batteries, autotransformers, isolation transformers, battery monitors, battery isolators and combiners, battery management systems, solar home systems, battery protectors, solar home systems, etc. 

Its wide array of products makes it a one-stop solar solutions provider for several Irish solar retailers and consumers. Victron Energy gives a 5-year warranty for all its power products. This warranty is extendable to twice its original duration. The company has a very wide network that comprises more than 770 dealers around the globe.

Photo Watt

Photo Watt is a French solar manufacturer in the industry for about four decades. Its production range is fairly large, with products such as solar bricks, solar modules, solar wafers, etc. So far, its production has reached a total installed capacity of 600MWp, 4 million solar panels, and 25MWp solar cells and pilot lines. Photo Watt’s manufacturing facility has a yearly production capacity of 100MWp. 

This company agreed to a joint venture with two other firms – ECG Greentech and Canadian Solar for the green-energy-powered production of silicon wafers and ingots. Photo Watt is a EDF ENR PWT subsidiary, a EDF Renouvelables Group member. Its product warranty lasts one year, while its performance warranty ranges from 25-30 years. 

Kioto Solar

Kioto sounds Asian, but this company is endemic to Austria. Kioto Solar was established in 2007, and since then, it has made a name for itself in the global solar industry with its high-quality manufacturing output. Even before its incorporation, this company has been involved in the solar industry since 1991. Kioto Solar specialises in the production of solar PV and thermal systems. 

Since 2007, this company has manufactured over 15,000 stratified layer and freshwater solar modules and PV modules of 150MWp capacity. This company’s production is in Austria, but its panels are distributed globally. The company’s panels come with a product warranty of 12 years. 

Sunerg Solar

Sunerg Solar is a top-tier solar manufacturing company that’s based in Italy. This firm was established in 1978. The company’s production portfolio includes solar EV charging stations, power optimisers, solar energy storage systems, solar inverters, plug-and-play photovoltaic modules, boilers, solar heat pumps, photovoltaic water heaters, solar thermal collectors, etc.

Sunerg Solar’s products are certified by three relevant authorities – PV Cycle, Kiwa, and Accredia. When it comes to warranty offers, no solar manufacturer rivals Sunerg Solar and that’s precisely why solar installation companies in Ireland commonly use it. Sunerg Solar offers four warranties, including a performance warranty (25 years), workmanship warranty (10 years), roof penetration warranty (25 years), and manufacturer-limited warranty (25 years). 

Megasol Energy

Megasol Energy has an interesting history, which was established in Switzerland by Markus Gisler when he was only 12 years old. A large chunk of the solar mounting systems is from this company and several high-quality solar modules. Megasol is known for manufacturing four different modules, including facade modules, BIPV modules, integrated modules, and rooftop modules. 

Megasol also produces unique rooftop solar systems such as LEVEL roof-integrated systems, match slates, match tiles, LAYUP and LOCKUP flat ports and roof modules. Solar installers in Ireland have a soft spot for Megasol’s products because they’re all tested to the highest standards on the continent. Also, Megasol’s products come with a 10-year product warranty and a 25-year performance warranty. 

IBC Solar

IBC Solar came onto the solar scene in 1982. This firm was established in Germany. However, it wasn’t until 1998 before IBC Solar began manufacturing its solar products under its brand name. Eighteen years later, the company hit a milestone by exceeding GW in its total production capacity since its inception. iBC Solar is a comprehensive manufacturer with a portfolio that includes inverters, solar mounting systems, accessories, storage systems, PV modules, and off-grid and hybrid solar solutions for residential, commercial, and utility applications. 

IBC Solar is renowned for manufacturing highly flexible mounting systems that make even a flat roof suitable for installing solar panels. When purchased together, IBC Solar’s panels and mounting systems come with a combination warranty of 15 years. 

Luxor Solar

This award-winning solar manufacturer is edging closer to 2 decades of industry experience. Luxor Solar was founded in 2004; since then, it has grown in stature and prominence. Luxor Solar ships its products to over 60 countries, including Ireland. EuPD Research once awarded Luxor as the Top PV Brand in 2018.  

Luxor has a network of 18 power plants in 18 countries. Its solar modules have warranties ranging from 25-30 years. These solar modules come in varieties (Eco Line GG, Solo Line, Eco Line, and Special Line).

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