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How To Make An Amazing Video Wedding Invitation To Impress Everyone

You must show everyone how unique and fun you are at your wedding. One great way to do this is through your wedding invitations. This post will provide tips on making a fantastic video wedding invitation for it to stand out from the crowd.

You can go about inviting people to your wedding in many ways. One is the traditional postcard, while another is an email. But with the rise of social media and video, sending a personalized video is now a more popular way that offers an inside glimpse into your life to friends and family that may not have seen you in a long time!

Video invitations are a great way to show someone how much you care about them by giving them a glimpse of some of their favorite memories in one place! The best part is they’re pretty easy to make yourself and customize however you want! We’ll show you exactly how to go about it.

Here’s how you can make a fantastic video wedding invitation:

1. Compile Your Media

Once you have enough content to fill 4-5 minutes of video, which probably is a lot, the next step is compiling your media. Depending on how you want the final product to look, you can edit it all together in one video editing software or compile the raw footage as smaller pieces. You can use a high-quality free invitation maker for a smooth and clean editing experience.

It’s also a good idea to check out the invitation maker you want, to ensure it’s compatible with your device. The larger your video content is, the more memory or storage space you’ll need.

2. Write a Storyboard and Arrange the Clips

Once you have all your clips ready, it’s time to arrange them into a storyboard that flows nicely from clip to clip, drawing in your audience with each cut. The step will also make it much easier to ensure the clips are timed perfectly. A storyboard is a great way to organize all the clips you will use for your wedding video! It looks more professional and makes it easier to edit your video, too.

Storyboards are also helpful for conventionally filming weddings, like most TV shows and movies use them for putting together their final cut. They’re also suitable for making wedding video content! You can use it to come up with fresh ideas or create a plan to record your activities or the things you want to capture by using some beautiful memories of your wedding day!

3. Edit the Clips Into A Video

Once all your clips are arranged in storyboard form, it is time to edit them into a video! An online invitation maker can come in handy here, as it includes many features to make your editing experience easier! This part takes up maximum time and is also where things can get somewhat complicated. Luckily, if you’ve taken your time, your storyboard will be very helpful! You’re looking to ensure the clips and music are timed correctly and flow smoothly. The best way to do this is to set a short section of your entire video to a song and edit those clips around it.

4. Title Your Video

The step is yet another critical step in making video wedding invitations! A title works its magic when shown on screen and keeps people engaged while watching the video. When the time comes to add credits, this is usually an excellent place to begin. You can add the names of the various members of your wedding party or important dates like the wedding date.

4. Choose an Eye-catching Theme

When choosing an eye-catching theme for your wedding video invitation, there’s a lot to consider! You can choose from various clip arts, fonts, and backgrounds. Once you have selected the one you like best and want to use for your video, or with some minor customization, for instance, removing all unnecessary text, it’s time to get started.

5. Make Your Title Screen

Once you’ve chosen your theme and added the title credits, it’s time to make your title screen. Creating a custom title screen for your wedding video invitation couldn’t be easier! Find a clip you like of your venue, and arrange it to your liking. Throw in some drop shadows, add some text, and you’ll have a custom title screen that tells the story of your upcoming wedding!

6. Make Your Scene Choices

The difference between making a video invitation for just family and friends and one for a broader audience starts to show. It would help if you thought about the length of the video or, specifically, how many minutes to allot per scene. Also, consider how frequently you want to cut from one scene to another. The choice between a fast-paced story or something more laid back is all yours!

7. Add Sound Effects & Background Music

Once you’ve set up all your clips, it’s time to add music and sound effects. Music helps to set the mood of the video you’re making. It also helps keep the viewer engaged in what is happening on screen. Moreover, it also helps to move along a scene transition by adding a snare roll or a cymbal crash as the next shot begins!

8. Add Transitions

Adding transitions also helps keep things from becoming too dull when there aren’t many significant things to show, and makes the video more visually appealing.

9. Add Closing Credits

Finally, it’s time to add the closing credits like the wedding date, venue, time or any anniversaries you’re celebrating that year. It’s also a good idea to include any captions, especially if shots of people or objects are hard to view.

Once you’re happy with your finished product, the final step is to add the credits and ensure all captions are working correctly. The video’s closing can be a great moment to leave an impression on your guests and show them how much you want their presence at your wedding. Remember, the bottom line is about impressing everyone. 

A wedding video invitation maker is a great way to get started when making your invitation. It allows you to create any video you want, using all the clipart, fonts, and background music you like. 

After editing your video, it’s time for sharing! If you want to create a video that looks more professional and complete, you only need to have the right tools in your arsenal.

Final Notes

This step-by-step guide to making a wedding video invitation will hopefully help you in creating a video that your guests and family will surely love. Remember that everyone is different and what may work great for someone else may not work as well for you. 

With this in mind, it’s essential to consider planning and storyboarding before your final cut plays out. Planning like this will save you so much time and unnecessary effort down the road!

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