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Best Places To Go Ice Skating In Ireland

Ice skating has swiftly risen to prominence as a beloved winter activity across the globe, and its allure continues to grow, evident in the proliferation of new ice rinks dotting the landscape of Ireland with each passing year.

Consequently, it has become a coveted item on many individuals’ bucket lists, beckoning them to partake in the joy of gliding on ice at least once in their lifetime.

Fortunately, there are numerous venues where one can indulge in the thrill of ice skating, each offering its own unique charm. Some establishments even cater to the younger crowd with tailored programs designed specifically for children. Moreover, certain locations afford visitors the delightful opportunity to encounter some of nature’s most endearing creatures.

ice skating in ireland

Ice skating is very popular in Ireland, and many people go out every week or two to skate at their local rink. It’s not only young people who enjoy ice skating but also older citizens who are looking forward to a bit of exercise during the colder months.

Ice skating is becoming increasingly popular throughout Europe and is gaining a wider following every day. More and more centres are springing up here and there, offering indoor and outdoor activities on Ice. As well as this, more and more private businesses are setting up their rinks where they hire equipment and offer various packages for customers wishing to take part in this enjoyable pastime.

Is it expensive to ice skate?

No, it isn’t too expensive to ice skate. You don’t have to spend thousands of Euros on a session either. A good quality pair of skates should cost no more than you can afford. If you’re planning to buy them online, make sure you read reviews from other users before purchasing. This way, you’ll be able to find the right size and style for your feet.

There are also many cheap deals available if you shop around. It may be worth searching websites where you can purchase a good quality pair of skis at a much lower price.

List of the best places to go ice skating

Check out our list of ice skating venues below;

Ice skating in Cork 

Cork on Ice, one of the best ice rinks in Ireland, located at Mahon Point Shopping Centre, comprises about 800sq metres of natural ice. They run from November to January every year!

Cork on Ice also provides an excellent program of events, including figure skating competitions, dance performances, music concerts, exhibitions, demonstrations, etc. and much more.

Cork on Ice is an accessible venue and is one of the traditional ways to usher in the winter season for many families in Ireland. You also have the chance to skate with Santa during the Christmas period.

Price – €15 – €18 plus €2 booking fee

Entry for one person Under 18 years – €15 plus €2 booking fee

Admission for one Adult – €18 plus €2 booking fee

Address – Fota Wildlife Park, Fota, Carrigtwohill, Co. Cork, T45 CD93.

Features – 

  • Its facilities include: a 400m x 60m public ice rink; 
  • A separate small Rink of 200sqm 
  • Penguin and seal skating aids to help junior skaters find their feet!
  • Three regulation-size ice pads for figure skating
  • One practice rinTwo
  • 2 leisure roomFive
  • 5 restaurants
  • A fitness centre, bars and cafes and a variety of sports shops.

Opening hours – Wednesday – Friday: 3:50pm -8:30pm; Saturday– Sunday: 10:00am – 8:30pm.

5. Phone number – 0818919807

Book on Website

Ice‌ ‌Skating‌ ‌in‌ ‌Dublin‌ ‌Blanchardstown‌

This Dublin Rink is situated in the city’s heart and is one of the largest ice rinks in Ireland. It has a capacity of over 1,000 spectators and is suitable for all levels of skaters.

It is also used as a training facility by sports clubs. The rink is regularly visited by international judges, coaches, media representatives, and national level athletes. At Blanchardstown, you can also skate with Santa or join the school skate programme.

Price – €15 – €18 plus €2 booking fee

Entry for one person Under 18 years – €15 plus €2 booking fee

Admission for one Adult – €18 plus €2 booking fee

Address – Blanchardstown shopping centre Dublin, Ireland D15 XY06

Features – 

  • A stunning 800sqm ice rink under the impressive roof of a 2425sqm marquee 
  • Two spectator areas with seating for over 1,000 people
  • It contains an ice rink for skating and all other activities
  • It also includes the latest state-of-the-art Zamboni machine to ensure smooth surface conditions during all weather conditions.

Opening hours – Wednesday – Friday: 3:50pm -8:30pm; Saturday– Sunday: 10:00am – 8:30pm.

Phone Number – +353 818 919 807

Book on Website

See the full list of ice skating rinks in Dublin here.

Ice skating in Galway Rink

Galway’s rink was named ‘Best New Sports Facility in 2009 and 2010 by the Galway Chamber of Commerce. Located in the heart of Galway City centre, it is only minutes away from the bus station and train stations.

Galway houses a 600 square meter natural ice rink in a 1080 square meter all-weather marquee. In addition to this, there is also a separate outdoor ice skating rink that is available for hire.

Price- €15 – €60

Adults: €17

Children (under 12): €15

Students (with proof): €15

Groups (10 or more skaters): €12

Family Plus (any five family members): €60

Address – Leisureland, Rockbarton Rd, Galway, H91 KT3V, Ireland

Features – 

  • Inside area: Large air-conditioned gymnasium with viewing section and fully equipped weightlifting suite
  • A 600 square meter natural ice rink entirely housed in a 1080 square meter all-weather marquee
  • Changing room facilities
  • The outdoor ice rink is available for rental.

4. Opening time- The ice rink has closed for now but is expected to be open to the public from 19th November 2022 – 07 January 2024 (TBC).

5. Phone: +353 91 393 940 

Book on Website

See the full list of ice skating rinks in Galway here.

South Dublin on Ice

South Dublin on Ice is a centrepiece of seasonal family activity which attracts thousands of skaters young and old to Tallaght each year.

South Dublin On Ice is a family-run business in South Dublin; they are dedicated to the South, providing an enjoyable sporting adventure. The outdoor rink has a capacity of 1,000 people and is located on the banks of the River. The rink has been designed to be used as a basketball court or football. 

Price – €13 – €60

Adult Ticket:             €15

Child Ticket:             €13

Family of 4 Ticket (2 adults & 2 children):  €50 

Family of 5 Ticket (2 adults & 3 children):  €60

Address – Tallaght Stadium, Whitestown Way, Oldbawn, Dublin 24, D24 FNK6

Features –  

  • It contains an ice rink for skating and all other activities

Opening time – The ice rink has closed for now but is expected to be open to the public from November 2022.

Phone: 087 758 4575

Book on Website

Dundrum on Ice

Dundrum on Ice, Dundrum first-ever and the only real ice rink is a family-friendly rink based in Dundrum Town Center. It features several different activities, including figure skating, speed skating, curling, ice hockey and ice bowling.

There is also an extensive program of events, including special shows, competitions, and performances throughout the season.

Prices – €14 – €56

Adult – €15

Child (Under-12) – €14

Family of three – €37

Family of four – €46

Address – Dundrum Town Center, Sandyford Rd, Dundrum, Dublin 16, Ireland.

Features – 

  • Main rink of 500m2 of ice
  • A great sound system
  • A super light show to enhance the experience
  • Handrail for people who haven’t skated before
  • Five dressing rooms and a café.

Opening hours – The ice rink has closed for now till further notice.

Monday to Saturday 09.30 am – 01.30 pm & 02.30 pm – 06.30 pm

Phone Numbers- 01-5242101

Book on Website

Frequently Asked Questions

What level of experience is needed to go on ice skating rinks?

Level 1 is about learning the basics of ice skating, wearing your gear and moving around in them. Level 2 is moving on the ice with little steps. At level 3 should be able to march forward and do a little man. Level 4 is the final stage where you’d be allowed on the ice rink full time, one should be able to march the full width of the rink and march half the length of the rink also

What age group can use Ice Rinks in Ireland?

Around age 4, because that’s about the age they develop muscle strength, flexibility, balance, endurance and coordination.

Do venues supply ice skates?

Yes, ice skates rental is usually included in the ticket price. Likewise, helmets and protective gears are provided for the safety of skaters.

Does weather affect Ice Rinks?

Ice skating is an outdoor activity, as such will proceed even in the rain. However, if the weather becomes extreme, it’s recommended to not skate and usually, most venues provide vouchers to skaters.

Are Ice skating venues open all year round?

No, most venues close around January and open again in November

How can I improve my skating without ice?

The following tips will help you improve your skating without ice at home:
Do some balance on your skating board
Practice using things at home
Use your skating board and carpet to practice some tricks
Eat what you need not what you want
Design your own skating spot at home
Carry out some resistance and coordination activities
Watch skateboarding videos and support influencers


Ireland is growing in popularity for ice skating. Rinks are being built all over the country, and families are embracing this winter pastime. If you are looking for somewhere to ice skate in Ireland, check out our list above. Or book here.

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