Inside the Moscow Mayhem: BBC Verify Breaks Down the Attack Step by Step


    In a tragic turn of events, over a hundred individuals lost their lives at a crowded concert in Moscow when assailants unleashed a barrage of gunfire.

    The incident, which plunged the city into mourning, occurred in a well-attended musical event, leaving the community and the wider world in shock.

    Authorities have since been on high alert, conducting an extensive investigation to apprehend those responsible for the heinous act.

    The music community, along with fans and families of the victims, are coming together in solidarity, mourning the loss of life and calling for justice.

    As the city grapples with this devastating loss, tributes and memorials are being organized to honor the memories of those whose lives were abruptly cut short.

    The international community has also expressed its condolences and support for the victims and their families, standing in unity against acts of violence that shatter peace and harmony.