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Popular Cordless Drills To Have For Your Next Project

A drill is an essential tool to have in your toolbox. Cordless drills are the most convenient type because they can be used anywhere and do not require any power source other than their batteries. They also tend to be more powerful than corded drills. 

When it comes to choosing a power drill, several factors need to be considered. These include the drill’s power, how long it can run on a single charge, and the type of batteries used. Other factors are also to consider, such as weight, size, and price. 

This article will recommend popular cordless drills available on the market. It will also give you a brief overview of what to look for in a great cordless drill and how to choose the right one.

Here are some of the best cordless drills of 2022. 

  1. DCD740N XR Right Angle Drill 
  2. R13CMB-Li EXT Combi Drill
  3. M12 BPD-202C Cordless Combi Drill 
  4. X20S™ Combi Drill

1. DCD740N XR Right Angle Drill

The Dewalt DCD740N XR Right Angle Drill takes the first spot on our best cordless drills of 2022. This angle drill comes in a lightweight design which allows easy drilling in any position. It also features the NEW XR Li-ion battery technology which allows for easy removal and insertion.

One of the favorite features of this top cordless drill is its multi grip feature. This allows the user to operate the drill trigger easily and conveniently from any position. An LED light improves visibility and its all metal gearing provides a more efficient transmission of power as well as improves its durability.


Power Source: Cordless


Color: Yellow/Black

No Load Speed (RPM): 0-650/2000

Power Output: 360 W

MAX. Drilling Capacity (METAL) [METRIC]: 11 MM

Weight: 1.70kg

2. R13CMB-Li EXT Combi Drill 

The Evolution R13CMB-Li EXT Combi Drill is the perfect cordless drill for an active woodworker. This combi drill comes with several amazing features allowing you to perform your DIY projects with ease. The drill has a compact design for easy lifting. The drill is powered by Evolution’s 18V EXT Li-Ion battery system which allows faster cooling of the cells and delivers a longer run time.

Another amazing feature of this drill is its versatile functions. It comes with a drill, hammer and drive function as well as 20 user-adjustable torque settings. Just like the Dewalt cordless drill, it features a bright LED light to illuminate the work area when drilling.


Power Source: Cordless

Brand: Evolution

Color: Yellow/Black

Max drilling capacity Wood: 38mm

Max drilling capacity Steel: 13mm

Max drilling capacity Masonry: 13mm

No Load Speed 0-2,300/min.

Max. Torque: 45Nm

Torque Settings: 20

Weight: 1.3kg

3. M12 BPD-202C Cordless Combi Drill 

This Milwaukee M12 BPD Cordless Combi Drill has been reviewed to be one of the best high performance drills of 2022. The Combi drill comes in a sub compact design allowing it to be used in confined or tight areas. 

Other interesting features are the on-board fuel gauge, the bright LED lights for better illumination and the improved handle design which allows for better grip. All these work to improve the user convenience.

The Milwaukee drill has a longer run time with its REDLITHIUM-ION™ battery pack with up to 20% more power. 


Power Source: Cordless

Brand: Milwaukee

Color: Red/Black

No Load Speed: 0-400/0-1,500/min.

Max. Torque: 30Nm

Capacity: Masonry 10mm, Steel 10mm, Wood 22mm

Weight: 1.2kg

4. X20S™ Combi Drill

Another top drill you can purchase is the Olympia X20S™ Combi Drill. It is known for its 2-speed gearbox. The drill is the perfect tool to effective and powerful drilling into wood metal or masonry. One important design feature is the quick-stop function. This allows the drill to stop immediately when it is activated. This feature improves the drills safety as you can easily stop it at any time.

It also features an improved handle design with soft grip to allow the users to have easy control and reduce the stress of drilling. The bright LED lights are effective in lighting up dark work areas when drilling. 


Power Source: Battery

Brand: Olympia 

Color: Red/Black

No Load Speed: 0-350/0-1,400/min.

Impact Rate: 5,250/21,000/bpm

Max. Torque: 30Nm

Torque Settings: 20+3

Max. Drilling capacity: Steel 6mm, Wood 20mm, Masonry 10mm

Weight: 1.33kg

Factors To Consider When Selecting The Best Cordless Drill

When you’re looking for the best cordless drill, here are some factors to consider:

1. Battery life

Cordless drills have different battery life ranges, and the longer the battery lasts, the more convenient it will be to use. Some cordless drills can run for hours on a single charge, while others only last for 20 minutes or so before they need to be recharged.

2. Battery type

Cordless drills can come with various battery types, including lithium-ion, nickel-cadmium (NiCad), nickel metal hydride (NiMH), and lead acid batteries. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages regarding longevity, weight, power output, and charge time. Lithium-ion batteries are the most common type of battery used in cordless drills. They’re lightweight and powerful, with a long lifespan lasting up to 10 years if properly cared for. However, they also tend to be more expensive than other batteries.

3. Speed settings

A good cordless drill should have at least a one-speed setting that allows you to control how fast or slow it goes through its various functions. This can be especially useful when you need to drill holes or drive screws, as you can adjust the speed depending on the material and size you’re working on. Variable-speed drills are usually more expensive than their single-speed counterparts.

4. Torque

A drill’s torque directly affects how well it can handle screws and other fasteners. The higher the torque, the better your drill can drive screws into hard materials. This is especially important if you’re using your cordless drill for construction or DIY projects that require pulling many screws into wood.

5. Rechargeable versus replaceable batteries

Rechargeable batteries offer faster-charging speeds than replaceable batteries but cost more upfront than replaceable ones. Rechargeable batteries are also more environmentally friendly since you won’t be throwing away batteries. However, if you don’t use your drill very often, the upfront cost of rechargeable batteries may not be worth it.

6. Drill Power

The best cordless drill is one that offers plenty of power, so take this into consideration when choosing one. The most powerful cordless drills have motors that produce between 1,000 and 2,000 watts of power. They should also provide enough torque for heavy-duty tasks like drilling holes or driving screws into wood.

7. Weight

Cordless drills can be heavy, so you must consider how much weight you want in your drill. Heavier cordless drills are likely the best choice if you’re working on a large project or doing construction work. However, lighter models may be more suitable if you use your drill only occasionally around the house and don’t need one with lots of power.

8. Price

The best cordless drills are often expensive. However, you can find a cheap drill that still has the power and features you need for basic home projects. Consider whether you’d rather spend a little more on your drill now or save some money but then have to buy another one in a few years when this one wears out. Carey Tools are one of many great tool suppliers with a range of drills from DIY to heavy-duty construction grade. You can buy all the above-mentioned drills on their website.

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