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Christmas Tree Types In Ireland: The Best One To Buy

Ah, the enchanting allure of Christmas trees! These verdant titans stand as timeless icons of holiday merriment, casting their festive spell over homes far and wide.

Yet, amidst the verdant splendor of Ireland’s landscapes, selecting the ideal tree becomes a delightful conundrum. Fear not, for we’re embarking on a seasonal odyssey to unveil the finest Christmas tree varieties that Ireland boasts.

Join us as we traverse this merry landscape, guiding you to the perfect evergreen companion for your festive celebrations.

Why Christmas Trees in Ireland?

It all began in the chilly landscapes of Northern Europe. From there, the Christmas tree tradition took root (pun delightfully intended) and spread its branches globally. Ireland, with its rich green terrain, wasn’t left behind. Today, the country offers many Christmas tree options, from the well-known to the rare gems. So, let’s pop the lid on this box of festive delights, shall we?

The Top Christmas Trees Grown in Ireland

While there’s a grand total of over 18 species worldwide, Ireland has its favourites. Here’s the lowdown on the top varieties sprucing up Irish homes:

1. Noble Fir

Oh, the illustrious Noble Fir! Arguably the superstar of Irish Christmas trees, it’s renowned for its sturdy branches and full-bodied needles. According to an organic grower whose customers claim the best Christmas tree Cork offers, the noble fir is the winner. Think of it as the Beyoncé of Christmas trees. Robust and fragrant, it’s perfect for flaunting those twinkling ornaments. And that woodsy aroma? A seasonal game-changer. As for its size, while wild Noble Firs might soar to an astounding 100′, your indoor version will likely range between a cosy 4′ and a lavish 20′.

2. Nordmann Fir

Next up, meet Europe’s leading lad, the Nordmann Fir. Think of this tree as the strong, silent type. It’s not just robust but also remarkably hypoallergenic, making it a winner for sniffle-prone folks. Its mild scent is pleasant without being overpowering, and its upward-facing needles are like tiny green arms, ready to embrace your festive baubles.

3. Lodgepole Pine

Craving that classic pine scent? The Lodgepole Pine’s got you covered. With its bountiful appearance and sky-reaching needles, it’s a festive favourite for homes that boast spacious rooms and tall ceilings. A word of advice? These beauties sell out like hot mince pies, so snag yours early!

4. Norway Spruce

Hailing originally from Europe, the Norway Spruce is like the energetic kid who’s always up for an adventure. It loves the sun and thrives when placed near windows. If you fancy this green darling, remember, it’s got a hearty appetite for sunlight!

5. Fraser Fir

Meet the USA’s poster child, the Fraser Fir. It’s like the classic black dress of Christmas trees – always in vogue and impeccably stylish. Its petite top is perfect for showcasing that special star or angel.

6. Korean Fir

The Korean Fir, or Abies koreana, might share some vibes with the Fraser Fir, but its shorter needles give it a unique personality. Ideal for airy spaces, this tree stands tall, ensuring your ornaments dangle delightfully.

7. Lasiocarpa

Ever dreamt of a silver-blue Christmas? The rare Lasiocarpa, or Abies lasiocarpa, turns that dream into reality. It’s not just a visual treat but also a tactile one, thanks to its soft needles.

8. Blue Spruce

Finally, for those looking for a touch of the extraordinary, the Blue Spruce offers a unique hue. But be wary, this beauty has a fleeting charm as it sheds needles rather quickly.

How to Buy a Real Christmas Tree: Top Tips for Picking the Perfect Tree

1. Measure Twice, Buy Once

Before embarking on your tree hunt, measure the space you have at home, both the height and width. Remember to account for the tree stand and topper. Trees can be deceptive, and the last thing you want is a tree that’s too tall for your room.

2. Do the Freshness Test

Grasp a branch between your thumb and forefinger and gently pull towards yourself. If only a few needles come off, it’s fresh. Bonus points if the tree has a strong, natural fragrance.

3. Branch Out on Branch Strength

Check if the branches are sturdy enough to hold up your ornaments. Some trees, like the Noble Fir and Nordmann Fir, are known for their robust branches.

4. Check for Symmetry

You’ll want a somewhat symmetrical tree so it looks good from all angles. While nature isn’t always perfect, aim for a tree with a good shape.

5. The Needle Drop Dilemma

Some trees, like the Blue Spruce, shed their needles more quickly. Consider how much cleanup you’re willing to do post-Christmas.

6. Allergen Alert

If anyone in your household has allergies, you might want to opt for trees like the Nordmann Fir, which tends to be more allergy-friendly due to its less potent scent.

7. Plan for Transportation

Make sure you have a way to get your tree home. Some sellers offer delivery, but if you’re doing it yourself, bring adequate ropes or ties and a vehicle that can accommodate the tree size.

8. Ask About the Origin

Ideally, go for locally grown trees from a Christmas tree farm. Not only does this support local farmers, but the trees are also likely fresher than those that have been transported long distances.

9. Preserve the Freshness

Once you get your tree home, immediately place a fresh cut at the base in water. This ensures the tree stays hydrated and fresh longer.

10. Consider the Environment

After the festive season, recycle your tree. Many areas offer tree recycling services that turn your tree into mulch or wood chips.


Q: Which is the most popular Christmas tree in Ireland?

The Noble Fir takes the crown due to its robust branches and fragrant aura.

Q: Are there Christmas trees with less scent?

Yes! The Nordmann Fir is known for its milder scent.

Q: Which Christmas tree lasts the longest after being cut?

Both the Noble Fir and Nordmann Fir are reputed to last around five weeks post-harvest.

Q: What should I consider when selecting a tree?

Think about the space, ceiling height, and the tree’s needle retention. And, of course, follow your festive heart!

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