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Protein Intake Calculator Ireland

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Calculate Your Protein Intake Instantly

 Protein is an essential part of a healthy diet. It plays an important role in building muscle, keeping your body strong, and providing energy. But determining how much protein you should be consuming every day can be tricky. Fortunately, we have a great tool available to help make the process easier.

Calculate Protein Intake

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Using Our Calculator

What Does the Calculator Do?

The Protein Intake Calculator Ireland helps users determine how much protein they need for their age, sex, height, weight, physical activity level and goals. You simply enter in all of this information into the calculator and it will generate a tailored recommendation for your individual needs. It also includes a graph that shows you exactly how your daily protein intake should be distributed throughout the week.


How Accurate Is It?

The Protein Intake Calculator has been tested extensively and has been proven to be very accurate when used correctly. The recommendations generated by the calculator are based on current dietary guidelines from both the Irish government and international nutrition experts so users can trust that they’re getting reliable advice every time they use it. Additionally, the calculator takes into account individual physiology which means that each person’s recommended daily intake can vary depending on their unique characteristics.

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