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Sahara Desert – How To Plan Morocco Sahara Trip 

by Deirdre O Meara
planning trip to sahara desert

If you have an adventurous spirit, then wandering through the endless dunes of the Sahara Desert may fuel your curiosity.

Are you planning a trip to Morocco? If your plans do not include a stop in the Sahara desert, you should rethink them. In this guide, we’ll explore the itineraries of planning a trip to Morocco.

What You Should Consider While Planning a Trip to the Sahara Desert


The desert is a long journey from the hubs of Morocco with the daunting Atlas Mountains that take several hours to climb.

Therefore, the ideal means of transportation for embarking on a trip to the Sahara are rental cars, public buses, or tour vehicles.

Why choose a car for your trip to the Sahara?

If you don’t mind a do-it-yourself adventure, a car built for long trips could make your trip to the desert fun and memorable.

If you plan to go in a private car, ensure the vehicle is ready for such a trip. Equipping it with vital travel kits like toyota tacoma roof rack will make your journey fun and save you from stress while on the road.

Here are some other travel accessories you must equip your car for a hassle-free journey.

·         Road atlas

·         Tire pressure gauges

·         Travel pillow

·         Windshield water repellant

·         Travel jugs

·         Binoculars

·         First aid kit

·         Stain removal

·         Wipes

Would you mind public transport instead?

 This may require that you join a Sahara Desert tour group. These groups usually travel by public bus, which could take between 3-7 days depending on the route.

Accommodation in the Desert

It may look surprising to know that there are decent accommodations in the desert, just like the hubs of Morocco. However, a range of options and proper accommodations in the desert will tickle your imagination.

The options are limitless, and they range from traditional Berber-style camping to affordable and luxury life hotels.

Most hotels have outdoor and indoor relaxing areas, Wi-Fi, and even a swimming pool to relax in the scorching desert sun.

Ensure you consider your budget when reviewing options for accommodations. But the camps in the Sahara could accommodate even tourists with a budget as low as $20 per night.

Food Options

Since the desert is remotely located, you shouldn’t expect fine dining with various meals you could choose from, just like in the cities. Instead, expect to eat where you are staying!

It’s not uncommon to find tourists getting the best selection of Moroccan food throughout the trip.

However, depending on your tour package or travel plan, you may also have a selection of international cuisines if you want something a bit different.

It’s best to inquire from your accommodation providers before your trip commences, especially if you have dietary requirements. This will ensure your needs are met without excuses.

What Should You Wear in the Desert?

Depending on your plan, your trip may include a visit to the dunes of Erg Chebbi in the heart of the desert. Circumstances in these locations vary.

Therefore, loose-fitting clothes alongside a hat and a scarf is best. Don’t forget to take extra clothes, including sweaters. You may need them at night when the temperature drops.

To protect your eyes from sand, consider wearing sunglasses as you tour the beautiful and peaceful desert that attracts millions of tourists to Morocco each year.

What Items Should You Take to the Desert?

Deciding what to include in your travel bag is a personal choice because everyone has travel preferences.

Generally, the following items are essential and may be included in your travel bag as you prepare for this mind-blowing journey to the “land of sand.”

PJs: you might need them in the middle of the night due to the light illumination in the tent that may hinder privacy.

Your preferred bowel stopper: it’s essential to have one in your travel bag. You may not find a toilet in sight once you head into the unforgiving terrain of the Sahara. Many who visit the Sahara for adventure can attest to this unfortunate truth.

Personal care items: you know the stuff you can’t do without or can’t imagine excluding from your daily care regimen no matter where you go. Ensure you don’t forget them while you pack your bags for travel.

A Smartphone with a Good Camera

These days, an adventure to the desert isn’t probably complete without those photos that bring back sweet memories of the Sahara years to come.

Ensure your phone camera is up to the task. You might be tempted to take a photo of every breathtaking sight you behold as you sojourn one of the wonders of nature.

A selfie stick: a travel stipend or an extendable pole may work best. You will probably need more than a headshot, do yourself a favor and use a selfie to take photos of yourself and your loved ones in that sizzling environment you want everyone to know you visited.

Final Thought

Do you know that your trip to Morocco isn’t complete without a stop at the beautiful Sahara desert? If you are ready to tick off a visit to the dessert from your bucket list, this guide will help you make the most of your trip.

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