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Santa’s Sticker Shock: The Surprising €100+ Price Tag for Family Visits


Parents in Ireland are expressing their outrage over the high costs associated with visiting Santa Claus, particularly the entry fees for adults. Many families are now spending well over €100 to visit Santa, with adults being asked to pay entry fees of up to €25. The CEO of the Consumer Association has described these costs as “unfair” and “unnecessary”. Despite the commercialization of Christmas, the magic and value of the annual Santa visit have endured. Looking back at old Santa pictures, one can see the joy and excitement it brings. However, the actual visit has evolved from a simple room in a shopping center to elaborate experiences that involve baking cookies with Mrs. Claus and touring a toy factory with real-life elves. While visiting Santa is a wonderful experience, many families are frustrated by the soaring costs, especially when it comes to adult entry fees.

The question arises: why are adults being charged? A six-year-old child cannot go through a Santa experience alone, so at least one adult must accompany them. This raises concerns about the justification for charging adults such high prices. Dermott Jewell, the CEO of the Consumer Association of Ireland, acknowledged that there was a mixed approach to pricing last year due to the celebration of post-COVID freedom. He argued that unless there is significant added value for adults, these additional fees are unfair and unnecessary. The cost of photos with Santa has reached an all-time high, and in many cases, the overall experience fails to deliver good value for money. Jewell emphasized that while there is understanding and generosity when there is a charitable focus, the commercialization of Christmas has turned it into a showcase for taking as much money as possible.

Sarah Dwyer, a mother of three in Cork, shared her shock when she tried to book a Santa visit at the Marina Market. She paid €24 for herself and her husband to enter, €45 for her three and five-year-olds (including gifts), €10 for the baby, and an additional €15 for a picture with Santa. In total, she spent nearly €100 for the family to visit Santa, not including the dog, which would have cost an extra €10. Prices vary depending on the location, with some experiences lasting over an hour and others as short as ten minutes. The rising cost of running these experiences, combined with the increasing cost of living, contributes to the higher prices. For example, the Cork North Pole Outpost Experience charges €40 for two parents’ entry and an additional €15 for a photo. In Blarney, adults are charged €2, with an extra €12 for a picture. At Dunnes Stores’ Santa’s Magical Cabin, adults pay €6 for entry and €16 for a picture. The Christmas Experience at Malahide Castle charges €20 for adult entry, a significant increase from the €8 charged in 2016.

Mark Coan of Moneysherpa.ie notes that even the cost of visiting Santa’s helpers has risen considerably this year. However, he suggests that children can still have a magical experience by writing their Christmas lists and illustrating them with the help of their parents. An Post, the Irish postal service, even offers a free downloadable template on their website for this purpose. In the face of rising costs, it is important to remember that Santa himself prefers receiving Christmas lists directly.

In conclusion, the high costs associated with visiting Santa in Ireland, particularly the entry fees for adults, have sparked outrage among parents. While the magic of the annual Santa visit persists, families are increasingly frustrated by the soaring prices. The Consumer Association of Ireland has criticized these costs as unfair and unnecessary, especially when there is no significant added value for adults. Prices vary depending on the location and the duration of the experience. The rising cost of running these experiences, coupled with the overall cost of living, contributes to the higher prices. Despite these challenges, parents are encouraged to create magical moments with their children by writing Christmas lists together.

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