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Moo-velous Success: Cow Health Startup Wins Dairy Innovation Awards


Italy-based dairy cow health company, Ozolea, has been awarded the top prize at the AXA National Dairy Innovation Awards. The awards ceremony took place on the first day of the AXA National Dairy Show at the Green Glens Arena in Millstreet, Co. Cork. Ozolea-Mast, the winning product, is described as the only non-pharmaceutical veterinary product for intra-mammary use. It supports tissue functionality by creating a film barrier in contact with the inner wall of the teat canal, enabling autonomous tissue regeneration. The product helps to detect early signs of mastitis, reduce somatic cell count (SCC) values, and implement a selective dry cow procedure. The benefits of using Ozolea-Mast include reduced milk loss, antibiotics use, and clinical mastitis cases, as well as increased cow longevity and more sustainable milk production.

In addition to the top prize, winners were also announced in various categories including technology, science, engineering, sustainability, and best start-up. Ozolea also won first place in the science section for its innovative product. Precision Microbes took second place in the science category for its Liquid Pro Postbiotic for calves, the first product of its kind globally. Precision Microbes’ innovation lies in its ability to have live beneficial micro-organisms in a liquid using acid-adapted technology.

The first place in the technology section was awarded to Moonsyst for its AI4AI (Artificial Intelligence for Artificial Insemination) bolus. This bolus, which sits in the cow’s stomach, detects body temperature, overall activity, and water intake. Through artificial intelligence modelling, it generates a ‘heat alert’ that is sent directly to the farmer’s phone, providing an optimal 10-hour window for insemination. True North Technologies secured second place in the technology category for its E-Gate Grazing Management System. This system can be controlled and monitored from anywhere in the world via a smartphone app.

In the Engineering section, Nesty claimed first place for its Mini Moo milk vending machine. This machine, designed in Ireland, meets the growing demand for direct milk sales both domestically and internationally. It utilizes world-leading sensors and touch screen technology to provide a seamless transaction experience for customers of all ages. Connaught Agri Supplies came in second place in this category for its Solar Hybrid AC/DC combination water boiler. This innovative water heater provides year-round hot water using solar power, without the need for an inverter, batteries, or any other equipment.

DLF, a seed company, was awarded the top prize in the sustainability category for its product, Ecotain Environmental Plantain. This innovation combines four modes of action to significantly reduce nitrate leaching from the ruminant urine patch, achieving up to 89% reduction depending on the sward blend. Finally, the best start-up category was won by Spreadit, which offers an attachment that can be retrofitted to a dribble or trailing shoe system for the application of liquid organic manure or digestate to grassland and tillage fields.

Agriland is the official media partner for the 2023 AXA National Dairy Show, and coverage of the event can be found on their YouTube channel.

Thomas Lyons
Thomas Lyons
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