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From Suits to Spirits: June O’Connell’s Journey from Corporate Lawyer to Whiskey Distiller


June O’Connell, a former corporate lawyer who has transitioned into the world of whiskey distilling, recently sat down for an interview with The ieBusiness Podcast. As part of their ongoing coverage of business, money, and jobs in Munster and beyond, the podcast’s expert team of business writers delved into O’Connell’s journey and insights. In this exclusive interview, O’Connell shared her experiences and shed light on the whiskey industry from her unique perspective.

O’Connell’s story is one of reinvention and passion. After spending years practicing law, she decided to pursue her true passion for whiskey. Inspired by the rich history and craftsmanship of Irish whiskey, O’Connell embarked on a new career path as a whiskey distiller. Her goal was to create a product that not only honored tradition but also pushed the boundaries of innovation.

During the interview, O’Connell discussed the challenges she faced as a newcomer to the whiskey industry. She highlighted the importance of building relationships with established distilleries and learning from their expertise. O’Connell also emphasized the significance of community and collaboration within the industry, noting that she was grateful for the support and guidance she received from fellow distillers.

As a female entrepreneur in a traditionally male-dominated field, O’Connell acknowledged the unique challenges she encountered. She spoke about the importance of breaking down gender barriers and promoting inclusivity within the whiskey industry. O’Connell’s own success serves as an inspiration to other aspiring female distillers, proving that passion and determination can overcome any obstacles.

In terms of her own distillery, O’Connell discussed her commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. She shared her efforts to minimize waste and reduce the distillery’s carbon footprint. O’Connell also expressed her dedication to supporting local farmers and using locally sourced ingredients in her whiskey production.

When asked about the future of the whiskey industry, O’Connell expressed optimism. She noted the increasing global demand for Irish whiskey and the industry’s potential for growth. O’Connell also highlighted the importance of maintaining the authenticity and quality that Irish whiskey is known for, while also embracing innovation and experimentation.

In conclusion, June O’Connell’s journey from corporate lawyer to whiskey distiller is a testament to the power of following one’s passion. Her insights into the whiskey industry offer a unique perspective, shedding light on the challenges and opportunities that exist within this ever-evolving field. As the whiskey industry continues to thrive, O’Connell’s commitment to tradition, sustainability, and inclusivity serves as an inspiration to both newcomers and established players in the industry.

Thomas Lyons
Thomas Lyons
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