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The Late Late Show’s Spectacular Revelations: A Melting Pot of Guests and a Country Music Extravaganza!


RTÉ’s third Late Late Show, hosted by Patrick Kielty, promised some star-studded guests as the year’s final supermoon graced the sky. However, after weeks of predictable guests, it was hard to expect much variety. The State broadcaster has been keeping its guest list a secret until airtime. British fitness coach Joe Wicks, who appeared on the show, revealed that he was a last-minute addition, having been noticed during his tour of Irish schools. Wicks expressed his gratitude for the late invitation and joked about his casual attire compared to the more formal outfits of his fellow guests Nina Carberry and Carl Frampton.

Siptu, the trade union, confirmed that RMT general secretary Mick Lynch would also be a guest on the show. Another notable addition was Rob Delaney, who bonded with Kielty over their experiences of grief. Delaney lost his infant son to cancer, while Kielty’s father was killed on a significant date for his family. The conversation between the two touched on the possibility of finding joy again after such devastating losses.

After receiving feedback from viewers, Kielty made some changes to his wardrobe and the set. He appeared on the show wearing a shirt and tie, a departure from his previous more casual attire. The angle of the set was also adjusted, creating a more comfortable and intimate atmosphere during conversations. This change was particularly noticeable during Kielty’s interview with Dr Tony Holohan, which had faced criticism for its awkward setup.

This week’s show opened with three guests: Nina Carbery, Carl Frampton, and Joe Wicks. Unlike the previous week’s discussion, which felt disjointed, this trio of guests with similar backgrounds in sport and fitness allowed for a more comfortable and engaging conversation. The decision to not include a fourth guest, as in previous weeks, worked in favor of the show. Mick Lynch’s interview stood out as a strong standalone segment, with Kielty covering a range of topics, from the Hollywood strike to road bowling in Cork City and Armagh, where Lynch’s parents are from.

Kielty’s enthusiasm for all things country was evident throughout the show. This enthusiasm is fitting, as the Late Late Country Special is set to take place next week. Kielty has previously mentioned his father’s involvement in the entertainment industry, making the country special a significant milestone for him. Singer Cliona Hagan surprised a country music fan by presenting them with the last remaining tickets for the upcoming country special. However, the live link during Kielty’s opening episodes as host has been somewhat awkward, with delays and overlapping conversations. This technical issue needs to be resolved for a smoother viewer experience at home, but the addition of variety to the show is appreciated.

Overall, while there were some improvements in terms of guests and set design, there are still areas that can be refined to enhance the viewer experience. With the upcoming country special and Kielty’s evident passion for the genre, there is anticipation for a memorable and entertaining show.

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