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The ieBusiness Podcast: Unleashing the Power of Data Regulation with Helen Dixon – Tackling Big Tech and Public Scrutiny!


Data Protection Commissioner Helen Dixon has emerged as the de facto regulator for Big Tech in Europe. With many multinational companies choosing Ireland as their European headquarters due to its favorable tax regime, Ireland has come under pressure to set an example in regulating these firms. However, Ms. Dixon’s role has not been without criticism, with some referring to the watchdog she oversees as being too lenient in imposing sanctions on tech companies for data protection breaches. In a recent episode of The ieBusiness Podcast, Ms. Dixon acknowledged that there is still work to be done and discussed her final year in the role, offering advice to her successor.

During the podcast, Ms. Dixon also mentioned that the Data Protection Commission (DPC) does not view the European Data Protection Board as a challenge to its authority when enforcing sanctions. This statement clarifies the relationship between the DPC and the European Data Protection Board, highlighting that they work in tandem rather than in conflict.

Furthermore, Ms. Dixon revealed that she was in the process of finalizing an investigation into TikTok at the time of the podcast recording. Although she couldn’t provide specific details, she shared insights into how some Big Tech firms handle the data of child users. It has since been reported that TikTok was fined €345 million by the DPC for illegally processing data belonging to minors.

The podcast episode featuring Ms. Dixon is part of The ieBusiness Podcast series, in association with PwC. Listeners can expect a new episode every Thursday morning, available on various podcast platforms.

As Ireland continues to attract large multinational companies, it is crucial for the country to effectively regulate these tech giants. Helen Dixon’s role as the Data Protection Commissioner has placed her at the forefront of this responsibility. While criticism has been directed towards the DPC for perceived leniency, Ms. Dixon acknowledges that there is still progress to be made.

In her interview with business reporter CΓ‘it Caden, Ms. Dixon reflects on her final year in the role and offers advice to her successor. This discussion provides valuable insights into the challenges faced by the DPC and the importance of maintaining a strong regulatory framework for data protection.

One significant investigation that Ms. Dixon was working on during the podcast recording was TikTok. Although she couldn’t delve into the specifics, she shed light on the way some Big Tech firms handle the data of child users. This issue has gained increasing attention, and the subsequent €345 million fine imposed on TikTok by the DPC emphasizes the significance of protecting the privacy and data rights of minors.

The ieBusiness Podcast, in association with PwC, provides a platform for in-depth discussions on various business topics. The episode featuring Ms. Dixon offers valuable insights into the regulation of Big Tech and the challenges faced by data protection authorities. Listeners can tune in every Thursday morning to stay informed and engaged with the latest business developments.

In conclusion, Helen Dixon’s role as the Data Protection Commissioner has positioned her as a key player in regulating Big Tech in Europe. Despite criticism, Ms. Dixon acknowledges the need for further progress and discusses her final year in the role and her advice to her successor. The podcast episode also touches on the DPC’s relationship with the European Data Protection Board and provides insights into the investigation of TikTok, which resulted in a substantial fine. The ieBusiness Podcast, in association with PwC, continues to deliver informative episodes every Thursday morning.

Thomas Lyons
Thomas Lyons
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