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Getty Images Unleashes Game-Changing AI Image Generator: A Creative Haven for Commercial Success!


Getty Images, a renowned provider of stock images, has introduced a new tool called Generative AI by Getty Images. This tool utilizes Getty Images’ extensive creative library to generate images, offering full indemnification for commercial use. With the standard royalty-free license, customers can use these generated images without any legal concerns. What sets Getty Images’ generator apart is that contributors whose content was used to train the models will be compensated for their inclusion in the training set.

Craig Peters, CEO at Getty Images, expressed excitement about the launch of this tool, stating that it harnesses the power of generative AI to meet customers’ commercial needs while respecting the intellectual property of creators. The tool was trained using Nvidia Picasso, a custom generative AI foundry for visual design, and the Edify model architecture.

Getty Images customers can now access Generative AI by Getty Images on the Getty website by requesting a demo. This release comes after Getty Images filed a lawsuit against Stability AI, the creator of Stable Diffusion, for using Getty Images’ content without permission to train their text-to-image models.

One of the challenges with AI-generated images is that models like DALL-E train their generators on content from the entire internet, potentially using creators’ art without compensation. Adobe also attempted to address this issue with its AI image generator, Adobe Firefly. The Firefly model is trained on Adobe Stock Images and public domain content with expired copyrights, and contributors receive royalty payments for their content used in training the commercial Firefly AI model.

Generative AI by Getty Images tackles this issue by exclusively using content from Getty Images’ creative library, ensuring that contributors are fairly compensated for their work. This innovative tool provides a solution for content creators, marketers, and news outlets seeking high-quality images for their media content.

In the ever-evolving field of artificial intelligence, Getty Images has taken a significant step forward by incorporating its robust library into the realm of generative AI. By doing so, they have not only addressed a crucial concern but also set a precedent for other companies to follow in terms of respecting the intellectual property of creators. With the launch of Generative AI by Getty Images, the future of AI-generated images looks promising, offering both convenience and fairness to content creators and users alike.

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