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Unveiling BodyHoliday: The Ultimate Midlife Menopausal Escape


Claire Spreadbury recently embarked on a journey to the BodyHoliday resort in St Lucia, seeking to address some health issues that have been plaguing her. This resort, which has been focusing on wellness since its establishment in 1988, offers a variety of programs to cater to specific health concerns such as destressing, detoxing, digestive issues, fitness, ageing, and weight management. For Claire, the weight loss program was of particular interest as it utilizes scientific lab tests to evaluate hormones, inflammation, and food sensitivities, providing her with valuable insights into her body’s changes during perimenopause.

Located on the beautiful Caribbean island of St Lucia, BodyHoliday is situated in tropical gardens along the beachfront. While the rooms are fairly standard, the resort itself offers a plethora of activities including two pools, a beach, a spa, and a range of restaurants. Although a holiday in St Lucia may not come cheap, the all-inclusive option at BodyHoliday ensures that all meals and drinks, including premium spirits and champagne, are covered. Additionally, guests are treated to a daily spa treatment and have access to various water sports activities.

Before even arriving at the resort, Claire underwent a series of health tests. She was sent a pre-holiday test kit and had to find someone to take a blood sample and send it to St Lucia. Upon arrival, she had a consultation with Dr Maha, the Wellness Clinic Leader, who conducted a thorough examination. This included an ECG, measuring heart, blood pressure, lungs, stress, and body fat levels, as well as further blood tests to investigate liver function, cholesterol, glucose levels, and body minerals. The results were overwhelming, revealing intolerances to lactose and gluten, issues with lung function, a digestive disorder, and a lymphatic condition.

Despite the shocking results, Dr Maha provided Claire with suggestions for improvement. These included eliminating gluten and lactose from her diet, practicing daily breathwork, and receiving monthly lymphatic massages. With these recommendations in mind, Claire shifted her focus to the wide range of activities available at the resort. Yoga became a staple in her daily routine, taking place on the serene Zen deck surrounded by nature. Aqua aerobics and pool volleyball were also popular choices, but Claire opted for a mood-boosting meditation class to find inner peace.

The resort’s Wellness Centre offers a variety of treatments, including medically-endorsed therapies, Ayurveda, beauty treatments, and pampering sessions. Claire experienced the shirodhara treatment, an Ayurvedic healing technique involving the pouring of liquid onto the forehead, which helped alleviate stress and anxiety. She also enjoyed the synchronised abhyanga massage, where two therapists manipulated her body into different postures while massaging her ears and applying hot oil. However, her favorite treatment was the Bhutanese massage with Tendel, a medical practitioner at the resort. This massage focused on stretching and loosening up Claire’s muscles, leaving her feeling taller and with improved posture.

Aside from the activities and treatments, one of the highlights of Claire’s stay was the plant-based I-TAL garden dinner experience. This unique dining experience took place in the resort’s garden, offering a slow-paced ascent while enjoying the natural surroundings. Unfortunately, the article ends abruptly and we are left wondering about the rest of Claire’s journey at BodyHoliday.

Thomas Lyons
Thomas Lyons
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