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Unpredictable Irish Weather: A Rollercoaster Week Ahead with Surprising Dry Spells!


Changeable weather is expected in Ireland over the coming week, with a good amount of dry weather overall, according to Met Éireann. Today (Monday, August 21), most areas will experience a mix of cloud and bright spells, along with occasional showers. The west and northwest will be windy, with strong and gusty winds at times, while southwest winds will be moderate to fresh elsewhere. In the far west and northwest, outbreaks of more persistent rain will develop, turning heavy in the afternoon. The highest temperatures will range from 17° to 22°, with the warmest conditions in the east. Tonight, rain will initially affect the west and northwest before clearing to scattered showers overnight. The southeast of the country is expected to be the driest area. The night will be rather cloudy with some clear breaks, and southwest winds will ease from moderate to light. The lowest temperatures will range from 13° to 15°.

On Tuesday (August 22), there will be a mix of cloud and bright or sunny spells, along with scattered showers. The southern counties are expected to be mostly dry. The highest temperatures will range from 17° to 22°, with the warmest conditions in the southeast. Westerly breezes will be light to moderate. Tuesday night will be mostly dry and clear, with just isolated showers mainly in Atlantic areas. It will turn cloudier overnight with the formation of mist or fog patches, and there is a chance of some rain developing in the south. The lowest temperatures will range from 11° to 14°, with very light southwest winds.

Wednesday (August 23) will see the development of scattered showers, with more persistent rain in the northwest later. There will also be a good amount of cloud with some bright spells. The highest temperatures will range from 16° in the west to 21° in the east. Southwest winds will be light or moderate. Wednesday night will be mainly dry, with isolated showers in the northwest. Elsewhere, it will be partly cloudy with long clear spells. The lowest temperatures will range from 9° to 11°, with light westerly breezes.

Thursday (August 24) will bring a good amount of dry weather, with a mix of cloud and sunny spells. Occasional showers are likely in the north and west. The highest temperatures are expected to range from 16° to 19°, with light or moderate westerly winds. Friday (August 25) is expected to have a mix of showers and dry, bright periods. The highest temperatures will range from 17° to 20°, with light to moderate northwest breezes.

In its latest farming commentary, Met Éireann stated that drying conditions will be moderate or good in the coming week, as there will be decent dry spells between showery periods. The best drying conditions are expected in the south and east, where the lowest amounts of rainfall are forecasted. There will be opportunities for spraying between showers in the east and south, with light to moderate winds. However, spraying opportunities will be more limited in the west and north, where more frequent and prolonged showers are expected. Currently, well drained and moderately drained soils are saturated, while poorly drained soils are generally waterlogged. With less rainfall expected in the week ahead, there will be some improvement in soil conditions. Soil moisture deficits (SMDs) will generally increase to between 5mm and 30mm, with the driest conditions in the southeast. However, soils in the northwest and most poorly drained areas will remain saturated.

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Thomas Lyons
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