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Unleash Your Inner Artist: Transform Doodles into Masterpieces with Stable Doodle AI


New AI Tool Turns Doodles into Artwork

A new online artificial intelligence (AI) tool called Stable Doodle AI has been developed, allowing users to transform their doodles into legitimate artwork. Whether you’re using a touchscreen device or a mouse, you can draw a doodle and describe the type of image you want. The AI then generates an image based on your doodle, description, and chosen style. Stable Doodle offers various styles, including photographic, fantasy, comic book, anime, and line art. Users can select their favorite image from the three options generated and make modifications before downloading it.

Stable Doodle is offered by Stability AI, an open-source generative AI company, through their Stable Diffusion XL model. The tool is available in both free and paid versions. The free version includes a watermark on the artwork and limits the number of images and modifications per day. However, signing up for a free account allows users to maximize the number of allowed images and edits. The Pro edition, priced at $9 per month on a monthly basis or $7 per month on an annual basis, removes the watermark and supports up to 1,500 images per day with unlimited edits.

Stable Doodle can be accessed through its website or mobile app. To get started, users can browse to the Stable Doodle AI website, where the drawing area is readily available. To register for a free account, click the Sign in/Sign up button in the upper-right corner and enter your email address. After clicking the Sign in link in the email received, users are automatically signed in. From there, they can use their finger, stylus, or mouse to draw their doodle. The Eraser icon allows for corrections or changes to be made by erasing specific areas.

Once the doodle is complete, the AI generates three images based on the doodle, description, and style. Users can select the image they prefer and click the Edit button to make modifications. The Edit menu provides various tools, such as removing the background, cleaning up imperfections, changing the light source, increasing the size and quality, trying a different reimagining, or removing any crops. However, some editing tools require a paid subscription, and certain actions may result in the loss of the original image, so users should exercise caution.

After making the desired modifications, users can click the Download button to save the image. It can then be opened in preferred image-editing software for further changes if desired. However, it’s important to note that using AI-generated images may potentially lead to copyright violations, especially if used for commercial purposes. Therefore, users should exercise caution and ensure they have the necessary rights and permissions.

Stable Doodle AI offers an innovative way for users to transform their doodles into artwork with the help of artificial intelligence. With its user-friendly interface and various editing options, it provides a creative outlet for individuals looking to enhance their doodles and explore different artistic styles.

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