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Unleash the Party Beast with Tronsmart Halo 200 Karaoke Party Speaker!


Tronsmart Halo 200: The Ultimate Karaoke Party Speaker

Tronsmart, a renowned brand in the audio industry, has released its latest offering, the Tronsmart Halo 200 portable karaoke party speaker. Designed to elevate your entertainment experience, this speaker boasts an impressive RGB lighting system that promises to amplify your gatherings, whether it’s a lively backyard party, a pulsating indoor dance soirée, or even an adventurous camping trip.

The Halo 200 comes in three variants, and the one I received includes two wireless, stylish, and professional-looking microphones. One standout feature is the built-in battery, with the charging technology contained within the unit itself, eliminating the need for a bulky external power supply. The speaker also comes with a standard figure of eight power cord, which is easily replaceable if lost.

In terms of size, the compact speaker measures 266 x 282 x 386mm and weighs 6.1kg. While it is relatively lightweight, it may be a bit too big to fit in a rucksack or carry over long distances. However, the solid built-in handle makes it easy to move around.

The speaker’s design is reminiscent of a jukebox, with a metal speaker grille on the front that protects the large bass, dual mid-range, and single tweeter speakers. On the back, there is a large rubber flap that seals and protects the two 6.5mm inputs for mic and mic/guitar inputs, a USB-A port for playing audio from a USB memory stick and charging devices in power bank mode, a 3.5mm AUX-in port, a reset button, and the two-pin socket for the AC power cable. Additionally, there is a large opening for the bass speaker to allow air to travel in and out.

On the top of the speaker, you’ll find a large volume dial surrounded by a ring of RGB lighting. Above the dial, there are four LED battery level indicators. The sides feature buttons for playback, power, lighting, and various sound modes. To ensure stability, the base of the speaker is equipped with four large rubber feet.

With a sound output of 120W, the Halo 200 delivers impressive audio quality without distortion, even at high volumes. The internal battery can last up to 18 hours at 50% volume, although using the lights and playing bass-heavy tunes will reduce battery life. The speaker also utilizes Tronsmart’s TuneConn technology, allowing synchronization of over 100 speakers, and its TWS pairing feature can pair two speakers for a stereo setup.

In terms of connectivity, the Halo 200 comes with Bluetooth 5.3. However, it only supports the standard SBC codec and does not offer more advanced or high-resolution options like LDAC or aptX. Despite this limitation, the Bluetooth connection remained stable throughout my testing, and the sound quality was excellent.

One of the standout features of the Halo 200 is its impressive array of five distinctive lighting modes. With just a few clicks, you can transform any space into a dynamic dance floor or create a tranquil ambiance with a mesmerizing light show. You can switch between the modes using the button on the speaker or through the Tronsmart companion app, which also allows you to personalize the light show and EQ settings according to your preferences.

When it comes to performance, the Halo 200 shines. It offers wireless and wired microphone compatibility, making it perfect for hosting parties and belting out tunes with friends. Additionally, it features a guitar input, adding to its versatility. However, it’s worth noting that the guitar input is better suited for electric guitars rather than acoustic ones. I tested it with my acoustic electric guitar, and even with all the echo effects turned off, it still sounded like an electric guitar. This may not be a dealbreaker for those who primarily play electric guitars, but it’s worth considering.

The wireless microphones included with the speaker are stylish and have a substantial weight to them. Each microphone features a small LCD screen that displays the battery level and channel frequency. While the microphones are mono, they work well and produce good sound quality. It’s important to note that the volume control for the microphones is located on the mic 1 dial behind the rubber flap on the speaker, as there is no volume control on the microphones themselves. If you have any wired microphones lying around, you can also connect them to the speaker.

For those who enjoy karaoke, Apple Music’s Sing feature is a perfect companion for the Halo 200. It allows you to adjust the vocal volume on millions of songs, providing precise, beat-by-beat lyrics for a seamless karaoke experience.

In conclusion, the Tronsmart Halo 200 Karaoke Party Speaker offers a plethora of features and entertainment possibilities. With its great sound quality, dazzling lighting modes, and customizable options, it is an excellent choice for hosting events both indoors and outdoors. Tronsmart has truly struck a chord with the Halo 200, providing a harmonious blend of innovation, performance, and affordability.

The Tronsmart Halo 200 is available starting from €155.

Thomas Lyons
Thomas Lyons
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