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Ryanair Slams Dublin Airport’s “Absurd” Night-time Restrictions


Fingal County Council has recently issued an enforcement order to Dublin Airport, demanding a reduction in the number of flights between 11pm and 7am to 65 per night within six weeks. This action was taken as the council determined that the airport was in violation of planning conditions regarding late-night flights. Dublin Airport operator daa expressed disappointment with the order, cautioning against potential travel disruption. Ryanair, a budget airline, has also entered the fray, asserting that the council should not have the authority to dictate national aviation policy or impose restrictions on flights to and from Ireland’s national airport.

Ryanair has called upon Transport Minister Eamon Ryan to intervene and reverse the decision. Additionally, the airline is advocating for a shift in the night-time flight restriction period from 11pm-7am to 12am-6am in order to minimize disruption to the majority of first-wave flights departing Dublin between 6am and 7am. Eddie Wilson, the CEO of Ryanair, stated that this adjustment would still effectively reduce night-time noise at Dublin Airport, thereby addressing the concerns of the council. Wilson emphasized the importance of finding a balance between the needs of Irish air travel and connectivity to Europe, while taking into account the grievances of a small number of airport neighbors who have raised concerns about noise levels. He warned that the council’s decision, with only six weeks’ notice, could have a detrimental impact on Ireland’s national aviation industry and its connectivity to Europe.

The enforcement order was issued subsequent to an investigation by the Planning Authority at Fingal County Council, prompted by a surge in noise complaints from nearby residents following the opening of the airport’s north runway last year. In addition to the flight reduction, the council has also mandated that daa pay €350 to cover the cost of the investigation. Kenny Jacobs, the CEO of daa, argued that the imposed restriction would result in fewer night-time flights compared to the number prior to the opening of the new runway. He suggested implementing a noise quota system as an alternative to the flight cap, citing it as the industry standard approach for managing traffic at large airports. Daa has urged the council to either suspend the “overly onerous conditions” or provide a minimum of six months for compliance.

This dispute highlights the complex challenge of balancing the interests of airport operators, airlines, and local communities. While the council seeks to address the concerns of residents affected by noise pollution, the airport and airlines emphasize the importance of maintaining efficient operations and connectivity. The outcome of this issue will likely have significant implications for Ireland’s aviation industry and its ability to facilitate seamless travel to and from Europe. As the deadline for compliance approaches, it remains to be seen whether a compromise can be reached or if further action will be taken by either party involved.

Thomas Lyons
Thomas Lyons
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