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Revving Up the Controversy: Competition Authority Ramps Up Probe into DAA’s Car Park Takeover


DAA, the operator of Dublin Airport, has been attempting to acquire a car park in Santry, Co Dublin, previously operated under the Quick Park brand. If granted permission by the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC), DAA has stated that it would add 6,200 parking spaces within a week to address the shortage of parking at the airport. However, the CCPC’s latest decision is expected to further delay the deal. The CCPC has announced that it will conduct an in-depth investigation to determine whether the proposed transaction will result in a substantial lessening of competition in the State. The CCPC has invited stakeholders to make further submissions by August 30th.

The CCPC has clarified that the merger review process does not prevent either party from operating a car parking business. Kenny Jacobs, the chief executive of DAA, had previously attempted to lease the space on a short-term basis, but the offer was rejected. During the phase two investigations, the CCPC will continue to gather evidence from the parties involved and other third parties. DAA has stated that it will carefully review the CCPC’s phase one determination before deciding on its next steps.

DAA has emphasized that it has fully optimized its 23,000 car parking spaces to cater to passengers during the busy summer season. However, demand for parking at Dublin Airport remains high, with limited spaces available. DAA advises passengers who are unable to use sustainable public transport options or get a taxi or be dropped off by a friend or relative to book parking as soon as possible.

Ryanair, Dublin Airport’s largest airline, has criticized the proposed takeover of the car park, accusing DAA of using the parking issue to pressure the CCPC into approving the deal. DAA has rejected this assertion from Ryanair.

Thomas Lyons
Thomas Lyons
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