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Revolutionary Robot Vacuum: Experience Ultimate Automation with Water Connection to Your Home!


SwitchBot, a company known for its automation products such as window curtains and smart locks, is now venturing into the robot vacuum and mop market. The company is reportedly working on a unique robot vacuum and mop that can connect to a home’s plumbing system to refill its water tanks and drain dirty water. This innovative product can also autonomously add water to the SwitchBot Humidifier 2, allowing users to recreate scenes from the popular cartoon, The Jetsons.

The SwitchBot S10, the upcoming robot vacuum and mop, comes with a charging dock that automatically empties the dustbin after vacuuming. Additionally, it has a separate station that can be set up in a bathroom or kitchen to connect to the water supply. The robot goes out to clean and stops by the plumbed station to refill and drain, using its battery to power the station. The pricing for the S10 has not been announced yet, but it is set to be launched as a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in October.

According to The Verge, the S10 will be officially announced this week during IFA 2023 in Berlin. The robot vacuum and mop will feature lidar mapping, obstacle avoidance, virtual no-go zones, and room-specific cleaning. This will be SwitchBot’s first entry into the robot vacuum market in the United States.

One interesting feature of the S10 is its ability to detect carpeted areas and lift its mop fixture to stop spraying water automatically. This ensures that water is not wasted on carpets and is only used on hard floors. Additionally, the rolling mop accessory on the S10 does not need to be removed for cleaning, as the robot vacuum’s self-cleaning feature takes care of it.

SwitchBot is also planning to launch a new humidifier that will seamlessly work with the S10. The robot vacuum will be able to fill the humidifier with fresh water from the water station, providing users with a convenient and automated solution for maintaining humidity levels in their homes.

In conclusion, SwitchBot is expanding its product lineup with a robot vacuum and mop that can connect to a home’s plumbing system. The S10 offers features such as lidar mapping, obstacle avoidance, and room-specific cleaning. It also has the ability to detect carpets and lift its mop fixture to conserve water. With the addition of a new humidifier, SwitchBot aims to provide users with a comprehensive and automated cleaning and humidifying solution.

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