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Reviving the Past: Limerick’s Carelon Unveils DNA Services to Bring Home Legendary Irish Figure’s Remains


Limerick-based US multinational, Carelon Global Solutions, has announced its interest in repatriating the remains of Patrick Sarsfield, an Irish patriot who fought in the Williamite War from 1689 to 1691. Carelon is a healthcare technology firm that specializes in DNA analysis to predict and prevent health issues. The company’s involvement in the Patrick Sarsfield Homecoming project aims to showcase its work in genetic analysis while also raising the profile of its base in Munster.

Carelon Global Solutions recently opened a research and development facility in the National Technology Park in Limerick, marking its first investment in Europe. The facility currently employs around 200 people and is focused on natural language processing and artificial intelligence projects. The workforce consists of software developers, data scientists, systems analysts, and product managers.

The company has become a main sponsor of the campaign, led by Limerick-based Honorary Consul of France Dr. Loïc Guyon, to repatriate Patrick Sarsfield’s remains to Limerick. The campaign aims to conduct archaeological works and gather Sarsfield family DNA testing to confirm the identity of the remains. If all goes well, the repatriation to Ireland is expected to take place by the end of 2024 or early 2025.

Carelon’s director of data science and AI, Hélène Dingreville, sees the project as an opportunity for collaboration with France, particularly in the field of healthcare research and development. The company’s involvement in the project includes financing the initial archaeological excavation work, which is set to begin in autumn at the burial site in Belgium where Sarsfield is believed to have been laid to rest.

Patrick Sarsfield, also known as the First Earl of Lucan, is renowned in Munster for negotiating the Treaty of Limerick in 1691, which brought an end to the war. The funding provided by Carelon, along with crowdfunding efforts, will facilitate DNA testing with living Irish-based descendants of Sarsfield to confirm the identity of the remains.

Carelon’s interest in the campaign stems from the need to use genetic analysis to determine the exact burial location of Patrick Sarsfield. The company’s rebranding from Legato to Carelon occurred at the end of 2022. Carelon is a subsidiary of Elevance Health, a prominent healthcare insurance provider in the US, with offices in India, the Philippines, and Puerto Rico.

Earlier this year, Elevance Health reported higher premiums and a limited impact from increased surgeries, resulting in controlled costs for the insurer. As a result, the company raised its full-year profit forecast above expectations.

Thomas Lyons
Thomas Lyons
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