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Har Dunne: Leading The Way For Sustainable Christmas Trees in Ireland


Har Dunne, Ireland’s leading supplier of premium Christmas trees, celebrates over a quarter of a century in the industry. Rooted in tradition, the family-operated business is dedicated to sustainable farming, environmental responsibility, and delivering the highest quality trees nationwide.

For over 25 years, the Dunne family has perfected the art of growing Christmas trees. The journey which began as a modest family endeavor has now blossomed into a full-fledged business with a reputation that speaks for itself. Har Dunne is not just a tree supplier – it’s an institution that stands for commitment, quality, and unmatched expertise in the realm of Christmas trees.

“Our customers aren’t just purchasing a tree. They’re becoming a part of our legacy and tradition,” says a representative of the Har Dunne family. “Every tree represents our dedication, and every satisfied customer echoes our mission.”

Har Dunne offers a comprehensive suite of services that cater to various needs. From “choose and cut” tree farms for the public, to wholesale Christmas trees for sellers, and a consultancy arm that provides expert plantation management services to growers throughout Ireland. The brand is synonymous with excellence and expertise in the industry.

As the pre-eminent supplier of Christmas trees in Ireland, Har Dunne proudly holds the mantle of being an award-winning grower, solidifying its reputation as the nation’s top tree supplier. However, beyond the accolades and awards, the company’s real pride lies in its loyal customer base’s positive feedback and trust.

Central to Har Dunne’s ethos is its commitment to the environment. The mission is clear: provide premium-grown Christmas Trees in a sustainable environment. With a robust replanting initiative, Har Dunne ensures that for every tree harvested, another is planted in its place. This dedication to sustainability doesn’t just guarantee customers a beautiful tree each Christmas, but it also ensures future generations can enjoy the same.

“Our trees are a reflection of our values,” the family adds. “We’re dedicated to sustainability, environmental consciousness, and providing the best solutions to our growers.”

In an era where businesses often compromise on quality or environmental responsibility for the sake of profits, Har Dunne is a shining example of how a company can prioritize both without sacrificing either. Their enduring relationships with customers, growers, and the environment are testament to their steadfast dedication and values.

Har Dunne invites everyone to be a part of their tradition and legacy as the holiday season approaches. By choosing a Har Dunne tree, customers aren’t just bringing home a piece of the holiday spirit, they’re endorsing a sustainable future, and celebrating an Irish tradition that’s over 25 years strong.

About Har Dunne & Family:
Founded over 25 years ago, Har Dunne & Family is Ireland’s premier supplier of Christmas trees. With a reputation built on excellence, expertise, and environmental responsibility, the family-owned business offers sales, consultancy, and Christmas tree management services across the country.

Connect with Har Dunne:
📧 Email: dunneh1970@gmail.com
📞 General Inquiries: +353857372471
🌐 Website: hardunnechristmastrees.ie

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