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Groundbreaking Survey Reveals: Over One Third of Employees Believe Generative AI Holds Key to Revolutionizing Workplace Communication!


Workers Embrace Generative AI in the Workplace, Survey Shows

A recent survey conducted by Humanwork’s Human Workplace Index reveals that workers are not opposed to the implementation of generative AI in the workplace. In fact, they believe that it could automate many of their tasks and help them stay in their jobs for longer.

The survey, which involved 1,000 US full-time workers, found that 58.4% of respondents did not feel that generative AI put their jobs at risk. This suggests that workers are not fearful of being replaced by AI, but rather see it as a tool that can enhance their work experience.

Furthermore, the survey revealed that workers believe AI can improve human communication in the workplace. Approximately 38.5% of respondents stated that they are confident AI will make digital communications easier. This includes everyday team communication methods such as Slack messages and emails, as well as performance reviews or feedback delivery, which could be replaced by AI-generated text.

Interestingly, only half of the workers surveyed were able to distinguish between AI-generated and human messages, highlighting the potential of AI-automated messages in the workplace. Additionally, 40% of the 432 managers surveyed reported that they would use generative AI in their performance reviews.

The survey also indicated that workers believe AI implementation would make their work experience better. Around 19% of respondents said that AI implementation would make them more likely to stay in their jobs, while 32.2% believed it would make their jobs easier without replacing them.

When asked about specific tasks they would like to see automated, workers listed time management and scheduling (36.4%), drafting/sending emails (33.5%), quick communications (29.7%), accounting (22.7%), shipping/logistics (22.3%), administrative work (21.1%), feedback and performance reviews (19.2%), creative work (19%), hiring and recruiting (17.6%), and manual labor (14.4%).

These tasks are primarily time-consuming, easily automated, and involve interpersonal team communication and collaboration. The survey suggests that a workplace where these tasks are AI-automated is not far off.

In fact, many productivity platforms such as Slack, Otter.AI, Gmail, and Grammarly are already incorporating AI into their platforms to provide workers with capabilities such as generating emails and messages, scheduling and summarizing meetings, and more.

The survey results indicate that workers are not afraid of AI taking their jobs, but rather see it as a tool that can improve their work experience and enable them to focus on more meaningful and strategic tasks. As AI continues to advance, it is important for organizations to embrace this technology and explore its potential in enhancing productivity and collaboration in the workplace.

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