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Google’s AI-Powered Search Gets a Brain Boost to Enhance Your Result Comprehension


Google is bolstering the capabilities of its search tool with the integration of generative AI, aiming to assist users in navigating the often complex information found on the web. In a blog post published on Tuesday, the tech giant unveiled three new features that are either already available or soon to be rolled out as part of its Search Generative Experience (SGE). Currently in the experimental stage as part of Google Labs, SGE incorporates AI into the company’s traditional search engine, providing users with a summary, sources, and follow-up questions related to their search topic.

The first feature on the list is the ability to view definitions of words in the search summary. Sometimes when conducting research online, the search results may contain unfamiliar terms or concepts that require further exploration. In response to this, SGE will soon offer AI-generated definitions for terms in fields such as science, history, and economics. Once the update is implemented, users will be able to hover over specific words in the summary to view their definitions or access related images.

The second feature, known as “SGE while browsing,” aims to assist users in comprehending lengthy or complex web pages and articles. Upon conducting a search on a particular topic, users may encounter articles that are difficult to digest. To address this issue, the new feature will provide an AI-generated list of key points from supported articles. Additionally, links will be available to direct users to specific sections of the article that contain the desired information. An explore section will also generate questions related to the article, accompanied by links to the relevant sections.

To ensure compliance with publishers’ rights, Google has designed SGE while browsing to only function with articles that are freely available on the web. This means that paywalled articles will not be accessible through this feature. Publishers have the ability to designate specific articles as either free or paywalled, ensuring that only certain content is included in this type of search. SGE while browsing is currently accessible through the Google app for iOS and Android, with plans to extend its availability to Chrome on desktop in the coming days.

The third feature introduced by SGE is targeted towards programmers. In an effort to facilitate learning and debugging of generated code, SGE now offers new ways to understand and analyze code. With the latest update, specific strings of code that appear in AI-generated summaries will be color-coded, while syntax will be highlighted. This enhancement aims to assist programmers in easily identifying elements such as keywords, comments, and strings.

To make use of these new features, users will need to sign up for Google Labs if they haven’t already done so. Once enrolled, users should ensure they are using the latest version of Chrome and navigate to the Search Labs page. By enabling the switch for “SGE, generative AI in Search,” users can incorporate AI into their searches. When Chrome is ready for SGE while browsing, users will be able to activate this feature from the same page.

This latest development from Google highlights the company’s ongoing efforts to enhance the search experience by leveraging the power of AI. By providing users with AI-generated summaries, definitions, and key points, Google aims to empower individuals in their quest for knowledge and understanding. As technology continues to advance, it will be interesting to see how AI further shapes the future of search and information retrieval.

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