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From Lime to Berries: €16m Boost for Farmers, Sizzling July Milk Prices, and the Mysterious Early Arrival of Blackberries!


“The Farming Week: €16m Liming Programme, July milk prices and why are blackberries making an early appearance?

August 18, 2023 9:31 am

Eva Osborne-Sherlock and Aisling O’Brien bring you the biggest stories of the week in Irish agriculture, which this week include:

Budget for 2023 Liming Programme doubled to €16m

The Liming Programme, aimed at improving soil fertility and acidity levels, is set to receive a significant boost in funding. The budget for the programme has been doubled to €16 million for 2023, reflecting the importance of maintaining healthy soil for sustainable farming practices. This increased investment will enable more farmers to access the necessary resources and support to enhance their land’s productivity and long-term viability. The Liming Programme plays a crucial role in ensuring the continued success of Irish agriculture.

July milk prices – Lakeland Dairies reduces price, Kerry Group announces base price of 34c/L with 3c/L payment

In the dairy sector, there have been notable developments in July milk prices. Lakeland Dairies has announced a reduction in the price paid to farmers for their milk. This decision is attributed to various factors, including market fluctuations and increased production costs. Meanwhile, Kerry Group has revealed its base price for milk at 34 cents per liter, with an additional 3 cents per liter payment. These announcements have sparked discussions among farmers about the challenges they face in maintaining profitability amidst changing market conditions.

Change at the helm in Glanbia

Glanbia, one of Ireland’s leading agri-food companies, is undergoing a change in leadership. The company has announced the appointment of a new CEO, who will take over from the current chief executive. This transition is expected to bring fresh perspectives and strategies to the organization, ensuring its continued growth and success. Glanbia plays a significant role in the Irish agricultural sector, and this leadership change will be closely watched by industry stakeholders.

Investigation into suspected ‘criminal damage’ in Tipperary after bales set on fire

In a concerning incident, an investigation is underway in Tipperary following suspected criminal damage to agricultural property. Bales were deliberately set on fire, causing significant damage and posing a risk to nearby livestock and farm infrastructure. The authorities are treating this incident seriously and are working to identify those responsible. Such acts of vandalism not only impact individual farmers but also undermine the entire agricultural community’s sense of security and well-being.

Why are blackberries appearing early this year?

Nature has its own way of surprising us, and this year, it seems that blackberries are making an early appearance. Typically associated with late summer and early autumn, blackberries are already being spotted in various parts of the country. The early arrival of these delicious fruits has sparked curiosity among farmers and nature enthusiasts alike. While the exact reasons for this phenomenon are not yet clear, experts speculate that favorable weather conditions and changes in plant biology may be contributing factors. This early harvest offers a unique opportunity for foragers and farmers to enjoy an extended blackberry season.

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