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FDC Strikes the Perfect Harmony: Client Focus and Staff Satisfaction at its Best


Balancing staff satisfaction with customer needs has been a key factor in the success of FDC, an accountancy firm with a 50-year history. Originally known as the Farm Development Co-Op, FDC was established in West Cork in 1973 and has since grown to employ over 500 people across 45 locations in Ireland. The company offers a wide range of accounting, financial, and business advisory services, with a strong focus on serving farmers, small businesses, and rural communities. FDC’s success can be attributed to its commitment to staff development, including scholarships and partnerships with educational institutions such as UCD and SETU.

Founder and FDC Group general manager, Jack Murphy, emphasized the importance of personal relationships with clients and the need for face-to-face and phone interactions. While the company is open to remote and hybrid work options, it remains primarily office-based, as the clients prefer direct communication. FDC has built a loyal customer base over the years, and this loyalty is reciprocated by the staff. The company has a low turnover rate, and many employees encourage their family members to join the team. FDC’s dedication to creating opportunities for career development has contributed to its reputation as a quality employer.

FDC recognizes the importance of maintaining a strong presence in the communities where its clients are located. The company aims to be the first point of contact for any business, personal, or financial decision its clients make. FDC also collaborates with other service providers, such as solicitors and accountants, to ensure comprehensive support for its clients. The company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility has been a driving force behind its growth and success. FDC has actively participated in social initiatives and given back to the communities that have supported its growth.

FDC’s journey began in Reenascreena, West Cork, with limited resources and support from the local farming community. However, the company’s dedication to its clients and its ability to navigate economic fluctuations and industry disruptions have allowed it to emerge as a leader in the industry. As FDC celebrates its 50th anniversary, it looks to the future with optimism and determination, recognizing that the quality of its work is a testament to the effort and skill of its employees. Loyalty to FDC is rewarded with loyalty to its people, creating a strong and dedicated team.

In conclusion, FDC’s success can be attributed to its commitment to staff development, its focus on personal relationships with clients, and its dedication to serving rural communities. As the company celebrates its 50th anniversary, it remains optimistic about the future and continues to prioritize the satisfaction of both its staff and its customers.

Thomas Lyons
Thomas Lyons
Thomas, the founder and chief editor at Top Rated, harbours a deep-seated passion for business, news, and product reviews. His thirst for knowledge and experience has led him on a journey across the length and breadth of the country, enabling him to garner a wealth of insight. At TopRated.ie, his sole aim is to deliver meticulously researched news and provide impartial reviews of fact checked Irish companies, thus helping readers make well-informed decisions.


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