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Emerald Isle’s Tech Revolution: Unveiling Ireland’s Urgent Call for a National Computer Chip Strategy


Tyndall Institute Calls for National Strategy to Boost Ireland’s Semiconductor Industry

The Tyndall Institute, a prominent research body in Ireland, has released a position paper advocating for the prioritization of a National Semiconductor Strategy. The institute, supported by semiconductor giants Intel and Analog, argues that Ireland should seize the current window of opportunity to position itself as a key player in the global semiconductor market. The strategy aims to more than double the size of Ireland’s semiconductor industry by 2030.

The Tyndall Institute highlights the importance of the new EU Chips Act, a comprehensive set of measures worth €43 billion, in ensuring the European semiconductor ecosystem remains relevant and safeguarding the EU’s strategic autonomy in the global supply chain. By aligning with this Act, Ireland can capitalize on the opportunities it presents.

Currently, Ireland boasts a robust semiconductor cluster that directly employs 20,000 individuals and is projected to generate €15.5 billion in revenue this year. The Tyndall National Institute, located in Cork, plays a pivotal role in European semiconductor research and innovation. Leveraging its network of global partnerships and expertise, the institute can contribute significantly to Ireland’s semiconductor growth.

Intel CEO Patrick Gelsinger emphasizes the increasing significance of the global semiconductor industry, which is projected to reach revenues of one trillion dollars by the end of the decade. Gelsinger believes that the Chips Acts in the US and EU underpin this growth and offer Ireland an opportunity to strengthen its semiconductor ecosystem and participate in the industry’s future evolution.

Vincent Roche, CEO and Chair of Analog Devices, underscores the foundational importance of semiconductor technology in critical sectors such as medicine, energy, communications, and automation. He highlights that advancements in these areas rely on continued progress in the semiconductor domain. Roche expects the industry to double in size to $1 trillion over the next decade, with the US and EU Chips Acts playing a crucial role in facilitating this growth.

Professor William Scanlon, CEO of Tyndall, emphasizes the significance of the position paper in providing a focused intervention to maximize the short window of opportunity for collaboration between private and public organizations. He believes that proper positioning in the global semiconductor market is essential for Ireland’s success.

Dr. Giorgos Fagas, Head of CMOS++ and EU Programmes at Tyndall, asserts that Ireland is well-positioned to exploit opportunities in the European and global semiconductor ecosystem. However, he emphasizes that maintaining and strengthening Ireland’s position in the volatile semiconductor industry requires concerted action. This includes building innovation capacity, nurturing skilled talent, and attracting new investments. Fagas stresses that business as usual will not suffice.

In conclusion, the Tyndall Institute’s position paper calls for a National Semiconductor Strategy to propel Ireland’s semiconductor industry forward. With the backing of major players like Intel and Analog, Ireland has the potential to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the EU Chips Act and secure its position as a key player in the global semiconductor market. By implementing a coherent strategy and taking proactive measures, Ireland can ensure its continued growth and success in this critical industry.

Thomas Lyons
Thomas Lyons
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