Unconventional yet Effective: Brother’s Bizarre Tip Keeps Garden Worm-Free, Says Irish Farmer

“Innovative Farmer Shares Worm-Repelling Hack, Garnering Attention on TikTok”

Irish Farmer Shares Brother’s Hack to Keep Worms Away from Gardens

A farmer from Ireland has recently shared a clever hack that her brother taught her to keep worms out of any garden. The green-thumbed influencer, known as April on TikTok (@aprilsunrisefarm), demonstrated the handy trick for her followers.

In her video, April explained that she learned the hack after her brother gave her unsolicited gardening advice. She humorously described her brother’s enthusiasm to show her some “brotherly love,” which involved pointing out her gardening mistakes. However, since she had never seen worms in his corn before, she was willing to listen.

April revealed that her brother’s secret weapon against pests is mineral oil. To give viewers a better look at the liquid, she dyed it and demonstrated how to apply it using a syringe or straw. By dabbing the oil on the end of the corn and then spreading it with fingers, she explained that this method helps repel worms throughout the season, ensuring worm-free produce.

The video quickly gained attention on TikTok, with users sharing their thoughts and experiences in the comments section. One follower nostalgically recalled spending their summer mowing their grandpa’s lawn and oiling the corn. Another user mentioned using a gallon of oil in a pump sprayer to squirt the worms away. A third person humorously commented that they could have used this information three months ago.

April’s simple yet effective hack has provided gardeners with a natural and practical solution to protect their plants from worms. By sharing her brother’s advice, she has empowered others to enjoy the fruits of their labor without the interference of pests.