Rory McIlroy Declares: ‘If LIV Golf Was the Final Golfing Haven, I’d Hang Up My Clubs!’

Rory McIlroy Expresses Discontent with LIV Golf and Hints at Retirement

Rory McIlroy expressed his strong opposition to the LIV Golf project, stating that he would retire from golf if it was the last option available. McIlroy made these comments after a remarkable opening round of 64 at the Genesis Scottish Open. This was the first time he had spoken to the press since the release of documents related to the PGA Tour, DP World Tour, and Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF), which supports LIV Golf. The documents were part of a US Senate sub-committee hearing on the framework agreement between these entities.

In a presentation titled “The Best of Both Worlds,” PCP Capital Partners showcased a proposal by McIlroy and Tiger Woods. This proposal was included in a list of suggestions that also featured the idea of PIF governor Yasir Al-Rumayyan becoming a member of the R&A and Augusta National. However, these proposals were deemed unlikely to succeed. McIlroy, who initially expressed his dislike for LIV Golf when the framework agreement was announced, has now distanced himself from being the primary advocate for the PGA Tour.

McIlroy admitted feeling indifferent towards the situation, stating, “There’s quite a bit of apathy towards everything at the moment.” He added that he didn’t find much new information in the Senate hearing, as he had been closely involved with the matter for over a year. He expressed relief in being able to distance himself from it. McIlroy emphasized his commitment to playing in existing tournaments and striving to improve his golfing skills. He acknowledged that regardless of his actions or leadership, he would be fine. However, he acknowledged that recent events would likely encourage players to become more involved in decision-making processes.

When asked if the PGA Tour had failed to show loyalty to him and other players, McIlroy responded, “I don’t know about that.” He believed that the Tour was acting in the best interest of the players and negotiating to ensure their survival. He acknowledged that this was a reasonable approach for any business to take.

McIlroy’s strong statements against LIV Golf highlight the ongoing controversy surrounding the project. The involvement of high-profile players and the financial backing of the Saudi Arabian PIF have raised concerns and divided opinions within the golfing community. As the situation continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how it will impact the future of professional golf and the players involved.