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Revolut’s Game-Changing Move: AIG Car Insurance on the Horizon, Mortgage Loans Looming


Revolut, the popular financial payments app, has made its entry into the insurance market in the Republic of Ireland. The company has launched an insurance intermediary, offering AIG car insurance to its customers. This move is seen as a step towards Revolut’s broader plans, including the potential offering of mortgage loans. Initially, the AIG insurance products will be available to a select group of customers, with plans to expand the service to a wider audience. Revolut’s foray into the insurance market as an intermediary is expected to intensify competition among insurance brokers. The company has expressed its intention to venture into other major financial services, with a particular interest in mortgage lending.

Revolut’s CEO, Nik Storonsky, has previously indicated the company’s desire to offer mortgage loans directly to consumers. He has criticized the current mortgage application process as outdated and time-consuming. Storonsky aims to create a seamless and fully digital experience for customers, where they can apply for a mortgage within the app, select a property, and receive instant confirmation via email. While no specific timeline has been set for the introduction of mortgage lending, Revolut’s entry into the insurance market suggests that the company is making progress towards its broader financial services goals.

Cian O’Toole, the Global Strategy and Operations Manager for Insurance at Revolut, emphasized the company’s commitment to simplifying the car insurance buying process. O’Toole stated that Revolut aims to revolutionize how Irish customers purchase, view, and manage their car insurance. The app’s streamlined interface offers a quick and intuitive way to obtain insurance quotes, reducing the number of screens and minimizing friction compared to traditional methods.

Revolut’s move into the insurance market as an intermediary is expected to disrupt the existing landscape, posing a challenge to traditional insurance brokers. The company’s strong customer base and reputation for innovative financial solutions make it a formidable competitor. As Revolut expands its insurance offerings and explores mortgage lending, it is likely to attract a younger demographic seeking convenient and tech-savvy financial services.

In conclusion, Revolut’s launch of an insurance intermediary and its partnership with AIG marks a significant step towards the company’s broader ambitions in the financial services industry. With plans to offer mortgage loans directly to consumers, Revolut aims to revolutionize the traditional banking experience by providing a seamless and fully digital platform. As the company expands its services, it is poised to disrupt the insurance and mortgage markets, offering customers a simpler and more convenient way to manage their financial needs.

Thomas Lyons
Thomas Lyons
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