Rain Wreaks Havoc on Tillage Farms: Fodder Shortage, Milk Payouts, and Snail Processing Plant Make Headlines

“Wettest July on Record: Rain wreaks havoc on tillage farms, causing fodder deficit and sparking demand for top-up milk payment; Ireland’s first snail processing plant offers new opportunities for farmers”

“The Farming Week: Heavy Rainfall Wreaks Havoc on Tillage Farms, Fodder Deficit Affects 15% of Farms, Milk Suppliers Call for Top-Up Payment, Farm Safety Week Highlights Summer as Most Dangerous Time, Cavan Farmer Pioneers Ireland’s First Snail Processing Plant

July 21, 2023, 9:40 am

In this week’s edition of The Farming Week, Stella Meehan and Aisling O’Brien bring you the latest news and updates from the world of Irish agriculture. From the unprecedented rainfall causing chaos on tillage farms to the demand for top-up payments for milk suppliers, here are the highlights:

Wettest July on Record Causes Havoc on Tillage Farms:
Recent weather conditions have made this July the wettest on record, posing significant challenges for tillage farmers across the country. The heavy rainfall has led to waterlogged fields, delayed harvesting, and increased disease pressure on crops. Farmers are grappling with the adverse effects of the weather, which could potentially impact yields and profitability. The situation calls for swift action and support from relevant authorities to mitigate the damage.

Fodder Deficit Affects 15% of Farms:
A concerning 15% of farms in Ireland are currently facing a fodder deficit. The prolonged wet weather has hindered grass growth and forced farmers to dip into their winter reserves earlier than usual. This deficit poses a serious threat to livestock farmers, as it may result in insufficient feed for their animals during the winter months. Urgent measures need to be taken to address this issue, such as exploring alternative feed sources and providing assistance to affected farmers.

Milk Suppliers Call for Top-Up Payment:
Amidst ongoing challenges in the dairy sector, milk suppliers are demanding a top-up payment to help offset rising costs and ensure the sustainability of their businesses. Farmers argue that the current milk price does not adequately cover production expenses, including feed, fertilizers, and energy. They believe that a top-up payment is necessary to maintain a fair and viable dairy industry in Ireland. The issue is gaining traction, and discussions are underway to find a resolution that benefits all stakeholders.

Farm Safety Week: Summer is the Most Dangerous Time on Farms:
As Farm Safety Week approaches, it serves as a timely reminder of the hazards and risks faced by farmers, particularly during the summer months. Statistics reveal that summer is the most dangerous time on farms, with an increase in accidents and fatalities. Factors such as longer working hours, heightened activity, and the presence of children on farms contribute to this heightened risk. It is crucial for farmers to prioritize safety measures, including proper training, equipment maintenance, and awareness campaigns, to ensure a secure working environment for all.

Cavan Farmer Building Ireland’s First Snail Processing Plant:
In a unique and innovative venture, a farmer in Cavan is spearheading Ireland’s first snail processing plant. Snail farming, also known as heliciculture, is gaining popularity worldwide due to its potential economic benefits and low environmental impact. The farmer aims to tap into this emerging market by establishing a state-of-the-art processing facility that will cater to both domestic and international demand. This exciting development showcases the diversification and entrepreneurial spirit within the Irish agricultural sector.

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