Rain Check: Forever Young Festival Denies Saturday and Weekend Ticket Holders Entry Today, Blaming Weather!

“Disappointment at Reduced Capacity: Saturday Ticket Holders and Weekend No Camping Ticket Holders Excluded from 80s Music Festival at Palmerstown House Estate”
Rain Check: Forever Young Festival Denies Saturday and Weekend Ticket Holders Entry Today, Blaming Weather!

Forever Young Festival, a three-day 80s music festival, is currently taking place at Palmerstown House Estate in Kildare. However, due to extreme unseasonal weather conditions, the festival organizers have made the difficult decision to postpone all day visitors to the festival until tomorrow, weather permitting. This decision has affected Saturday ticket holders and weekend no camping ticket holders, who sadly cannot be admitted to the site today. The safety of all attendees is the festival’s top priority, and they apologize for any inconvenience caused.

In a statement shared on the festival website, the organizers expressed their heartbreak over the situation and emphasized the importance of prioritizing everyone’s safety. They urged ticket holders to stay updated through their social media channels for further updates. Festival organizer Sharon Alston also shared a statement with Independent.ie, explaining that the festival is still running today but at a reduced capacity for safety reasons. Those with Saturday or weekend no camping tickets have been notified that they are not permitted to attend. However, Saturday tickets will be accepted on Sunday.

Alston expressed her heartbreak over the situation in a Facebook post, stating that the decision was made to keep customers safe. She acknowledged the disappointment felt by ticket holders and assured them that their tickets will be valid for tomorrow, weather permitting. She also clarified that those who are already on site in camping areas are not affected by the postponement of day tickets.

The festival lineup includes popular acts such as Bananarama, Tony Hadley, Neville Staple of the Specials, and Jerry Fish. Alston’s post on Facebook emphasized the team’s efforts to make the festival happen and ensure the safety of all attendees. She explained that the site cannot accommodate the large number of day visitors under the current weather conditions, leading to the decision to postpone day tickets until tomorrow.

Alston assured ticket holders that their queries will be addressed in due course and that the festival organizers will do everything they can to take care of them. However, she emphasized that the situation is out of their hands and they are working with the best interests of everyone involved in mind.

Overall, the Forever Young Festival is facing challenges due to extreme weather conditions, resulting in the postponement of day tickets. The organizers are deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused and are prioritizing the safety of all attendees. They are working to accommodate ticket holders and provide updates through their social media channels.