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Irish Tech Giant Humane Set to Unleash Ai Pin: The Ultimate Smartphone Slayer of 2023


Humane, a company that aims to reshape the role of technology in our lives, has announced the name of its first device, Ai Pin, along with a partnership with Qualcomm Technologies. The company, which boasts a roster of ex-Apple employees, is working towards replacing smartphones and other screens that we interact with daily. This ambitious goal may have initially sparked skepticism, but Humane’s collaboration with Qualcomm and its investment in generative AI capabilities built into devices without the need for a cloud connection, signifies its determination to revolutionize the tech industry.

Qualcomm’s chipsets tailored towards AI applications align perfectly with Humane’s vision. The on-device AI capabilities of Ai Pin will provide users with a superior AI experience. Dev Singh, VP of Business Development at Qualcomm Technologies, highlights the device’s powerful performance and its ability to make sense of real-time contextual information, promising wearers a new and exciting experience.

Founder Imran Chaudhri first showcased Humane’s Ai-powered wearable at TED 2023. The device, which fits snugly in the user’s chest pocket, projects interactive user interfaces onto the palm of the hand. It can display caller IDs, incoming messages, and even translate the user’s voice in near real-time, replicating their tone and timbre in another language using AI filtering.

While the demo was impressive, it remains to be seen how the wearable will perform in real-world scenarios, such as areas with limited cellular service. The full-length demo of Humane’s AI Pin is now available to watch, and anticipation is building for its official launch later this year.

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