Hilarious Hacks: Donegal Woman’s Petty yet Hilarious Method to Rid Garden Pests Leaves Locals in Stitches!

“Donegal Woman’s Hilarious ‘Yeeting’ Technique Leaves Garden Pests in Stitches”
Hilarious Hacks: Donegal Woman's Petty yet Hilarious Method to Rid Garden Pests Leaves Locals in Stitches!

Woman in Donegal Finds Hilarious Way to Rid Garden of Pests

PEOPLE have been left in stitches over one woman’s unconventional method of ridding her garden of pests. The hilarious woman, who is living in Donegal, has found a method that allows her to free her shrubbery from bugs and insects whilst providing a free method for people to vent their feelings.

Miranda, who posts on social media under @mirendarosenberg, allows people to send in requests for names they want her to give to the pests. She then introduces the bug before laying out their “sins” and “yeeting” them into the field next to her garden.

And the creatively fun way of ridding the slugs, bugs, and insects has left people in absolute stitches and begging for Miranda to yeet a bug named after someone they know.

In one video, she punished slugs named after a variety of people for a complex number of reasons – and some of them are a lot worse than others. She said: “Itโ€™s time to be petty therapeutically because itโ€™s Sunday and sometimes we need it.”

The first up on the target list was “Emerson” who “had the nerve” to live rent-free in an ex’s house “whilst keeping the relationship a secret”. The person had also abandoned all of their stuff in the home for someone else to deal with after they broke up. The slug bestowed with the name was then thrown into the field as a result.

Next up, Miranda said: “That didnโ€™t even happen to me and it made me feel better. Now, can you spot the next just hiding their shame? This is Milad. He made someone believe he was dying just so he could cheat on them. Thatโ€™s bold and it deserves a yeet.” She flung the slug across the fence before searching for the next victim.

She said: “This next one is Craig and his mistress. Apparently, Craig is a cheater and a deadbeat dad and his mistress is trying to copy and paste his exโ€™s life.” The slugs were thrown into the field before Miranda pulled up “Lola” who had apparently been accused of “gatekeeping Irish paganism”. However, lucky “Lola” wasn’t thrown with full force by Miranda, who felt her “sins” paled in comparison with some of the other mentions. She said: “You know what? Compared to the people earlier, she only deserves a little yeet.”

Ending off with her final pest, she said: “Finally, we needed something a little more wholesome. This is Thadd and according to his wife heโ€™s the sweetest but heโ€™s existing whilst sheโ€™s PMSing.”

All you have to do in order to name a bug is send Miranda a message with the name of a person getting on your nerves and a brief summary of their “sins”. Sharing a video of the process, she said: “Is someone getting on your nerves? Do you need a petty, visually satisfying way to smooth your irritation? Name a yeet! I will yeet a slug into a field for you.”

Slugs are widespread animals which can cause problems in the garden, eating holes in leaves, stems, flowers, tubers, and bulbs. Meaning Miranda’s method is not just making her some extra money and delighting her fans, but also improving her garden.

Fans flooded the comments of the TikTok with dozens of comments in stitches at the bizarre method, with plenty claiming they would be forking out for the experience. One said: “What a Great idea lol!” Another praised the “yeet of justice” whilst a third remarked: “These stories are better than a TV show!” A fourth praised the “amazing” method adopted by Miranda for getting revenge whilst another added: “Youโ€™ve got to yeet that negativity right out of your life and garden.”