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From Trash to Treasure: My Budget-Friendly Garden Table Makeover Wows Critics, But Learn from My Lesson!


Crafty DIY Enthusiast Transforms Old Garden Table with Vinyl

A crafty DIY enthusiast on TikTok has shared a brilliant hack to breathe new life into old furniture. User Jes Rose showcased the incredible transformation of a grotty garden table, turning it into a brand new-looking piece with the help of vinyl. The video reveals the table covered in dust, rust, and unsightly spider webs before the makeover. Jes admitted, “I thought it had no life left in it.” However, after a thorough cleaning and a stroke of inspiration, she decided to try using vinyl to revamp the table.

Jes opted for a botanical vinyl with a jungle theme and leopard print in lush green colors. The vinyl, which she purchased for a mere £3, is just one of the many prints and sizes available on her business page. Jes offers standard vinyl, floor and wall vinyl, and window vinyl, with prices starting from £3. Larger sizes, such as the 3m x 65cm option, retail for £63. According to Jes, the application process is simple, and a card can be used to push out any bubbles.

However, Jes did admit to making a mistake by applying the vinyl on one of the hottest days of the year. This led to the formation of bubbles that needed to be dealt with. After applying the vinyl and trimming any excess, she pierced a few tiny holes in the bubbles and pushed out the air. Jes humorously commented, “I probably should’ve applied this indoors – or waited until it was a little bit cooler outside.” Despite the hiccup, she was thrilled with the £22 makeover and the stunning results.

The TikTok video garnered many positive comments from fellow social media users who were inspired by Jes’s creativity. One user exclaimed, “Ahhh I’m gonna do that, looks fab!” Another enthusiastically declared, “Ok, I’m definitely doing this.” Some users even expressed relief, with one person saying, “I was just going to take my table to the tip!” Others offered suggestions, such as applying the vinyl onto wet glass using water and washing up liquid to avoid bubbles. A TikTok fan with a similar table exclaimed, “I’ve got a table like this and was wondering how to revive it. Thanks for the great idea!”

Jes’s transformation of the garden table serves as a testament to the power of creativity and resourcefulness. With just a bit of vinyl and some ingenuity, she was able to turn a worn-out piece of furniture into a stunning centerpiece. This DIY project not only breathes new life into old items but also offers a budget-friendly alternative to purchasing new furniture. So, the next time you come across a tired-looking table or any other piece of furniture, consider following Jes’s lead and give it a vinyl makeover.

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