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From Gloomy Garden to Glowing Oasis: How £20 Lights Transformed My Ugly Breeze Block Wall


A self-proclaimed “plant girl” has recently shared her innovative method of transforming her garden into a real-life fairytale using a budget-friendly purchase of just £20. The content creator, known as Star, documented her process of installing string lights on breeze block walls, showcasing the stunning effect they had on her garden once night fell.

Star strategically placed the string lights behind a row of fig trees in her garden, creating a magical and whimsical warm glow that made the trees appear to be glowing when the lights were switched on. She not only described the process but also demonstrated it, offering guidance to other homeowners who were looking to create a similar enchanting atmosphere in their own gardens.

To attach the string lights to the cinder block walls, Star used poultry net staples, which she purchased for £4 each from a local DIY store. She hammered the staples into the cracks in the wall, securing them in place. She then used the hooks on the string lights to hang them from the staples.

The LED outdoor string lights, which Star used, can be found at various retailers such as Dunelm and The Range for approximately £20. Star utilized 24 feet of these lights to achieve the desired effect in her garden.

One of the main motivations behind extending the lights all the way down her fig tree alley was to improve the lighting in that area. Star explained that it was often very dark when she needed to take out the trash, but now, with the ambient lighting provided by the string lights, the area is much more inviting. Additionally, the lights positioned behind the fig trees give the illusion that the trees themselves are glowing, adding to the overall beauty of the garden.

The garden itself follows a “cottagecore” theme, which aims to bring a fairytale-like aesthetic into the real world. Fans of Star’s work were quick to praise the magical ambiance created by the string lights. Many described the garden at night as enchanting and magical, while others expressed their gratitude for the suggestions, as they had been searching for ways to make their own gardens feel equally as magical.

In conclusion, Star’s innovative use of string lights has transformed her garden into a real-life fairytale, capturing the hearts of many admirers. The simplicity and affordability of her method make it accessible to others who wish to create a whimsical atmosphere in their own outdoor spaces.

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