From Farm to Freeze: A Diversification Journey in Just 24 Hours

“Good Dairy Company: From Farm to Freezer – Catherine Good’s Inspiring Journey into Farmhouse Ice Cream”
From Farm to Freeze: A Diversification Journey in Just 24 Hours

Catherine Good, inspired by the stunning coastal location of her family dairy farm in Nohoval, near Kinsale in Co. Cork, decided to venture into the world of farmhouse ice cream. In 2021, she established the Good Dairy Company, a business that prides itself on producing ice cream that goes from field to freezer in just one day.

Catherine’s desire to create a family-friendly business that complemented their scenic location led her to choose ice cream making. With a degree in business management and a background in sales, marketing, and advertising, Catherine completed a course for female entrepreneurs at Munster Technological University’s Rubicon Centre. This allowed her to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to turn her ice cream-making dream into a reality.

To further refine her craft, Catherine attended the Ice Cream Science and Technology course at University College Cork (UCC). She also shadowed experienced ice cream makers, both locally and in the UK, and participated in various courses to enhance her expertise. Catherine’s dedication and hard work paid off as she developed a natural ice cream recipe that consists of 75% milk and cream, using a natural emulsifier and stabilizer.

The Good Dairy Company’s ice cream production is influenced by factors such as upcoming events, weather conditions, and other variables. Catherine appreciates the seasonal nature of her product, as it allows her to balance her time between managing stockists and focusing on her family during the winter months. Her range of flavors includes classic options like vanilla, as well as unique creations such as ‘Chocolate Cow’s Lick,’ ‘Muddy Boots,’ and ‘Rocky Cow Path.’

Catherine initially started selling her artisan ice cream at farmers’ markets and local beaches, where she quickly discovered a demand for her high-quality product. In 2022, with the support of the West Cork Local Enterprise Board, she joined the Supervalu Food Academy. Later that year, the Good Dairy Company was chosen from 130 applicants to participate in the prestigious Grow with Aldi campaign. Additionally, the business was a finalist in the National Dairy Award for the best artisan product.

Despite facing numerous challenges and obstacles along the way, Catherine remains determined and resilient. She believes that patience and perseverance are essential qualities for any entrepreneur. By keeping her operation small and focused, Catherine has achieved significant success in just a year and a half. Looking ahead, she is confident that she can continue to grow and thrive in the ice cream industry.

Catherine Good’s story is a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and the pursuit of excellence. With her farmhouse ice cream delighting customers and her business gaining recognition, the Good Dairy Company is set to become a beloved brand in the Irish ice cream market.