From Dull to Dreamy: How I Created a Backyard Oasis for Under $1,000, Thanks to Lowe’s!

“DIY Expert Transforms Backyard into Dream Summer Oasis for Under $1,000”
From Dull to Dreamy: How I Created a Backyard Oasis for Under $1,000, Thanks to Lowe's!

Irish DIY Expert Transforms Backyard into Summer Oasis for Under €1,000

Stef, an interior design and DIY home renovation expert from Ireland, has captured the attention of TikTok users with her budget-friendly backyard transformation. In a video, she revealed how she and her partner were able to create an ideal summer hangout spot for less than €1,000. Stef, who goes by the username @couchstef on TikTok, is known for her unique hacks to save money while furnishing and decorating.

The video begins with Stef showcasing the before and after photos of her backyard. The transformation is remarkable, considering the limited budget. She purchased all the necessary items from Lowe’s and even built a privacy fence herself. The total cost of the project came to €930.

Stef breaks down the budget for each feature of the backyard renovation. The brown wood stain for the lattice privacy fence cost €10, while additional paint supplies amounted to €25. The fence itself was a significant expense at €400, and five gallons of fence stain cost €170. The cement paint used for the project added another €27 to the total cost.

In terms of landscaping, Stef purchased 12 bags of white goose egg stone at €6.50 per bag, totaling €87. She also invested €40 in landscape edging, stakes, and weed mats. These affordable additions added a polished look to the backyard.

For outdoor decorations, Stef opted for solar-powered lanterns at €45, hanging brackets at €16, LED string lights at €150, and a wicker mirror at €16. She also purchased outdoor bench cushions for €20. To add a touch of greenery, she adorned the fence with fake plants and terra cotta pots, which cost a total of €14. Everything else in the backyard was already owned by Stef.

The video received an overwhelmingly positive response from viewers. Many were impressed by the amount of money saved by doing the project themselves. One viewer commented, “This just increased your home value by wayyy more than €1,000 too.” Another praised Stef, saying, “This is very cool bestie!!”

Some viewers were curious about Stef’s landlord’s reaction to the upgrade. Stef revealed that she had to work on convincing him for months before getting the green light. She mentioned that she paid for all the materials herself and gets to enjoy the space.

Stef’s backyard transformation serves as inspiration for those looking to create a beautiful outdoor space on a budget. Her resourcefulness and creativity prove that with some DIY skills and a little bit of planning, it is possible to transform any space without breaking the bank.

In conclusion, Stef’s budget-friendly backyard makeover is a testament to her interior design and DIY expertise. By utilizing affordable materials and incorporating her unique hacks, she was able to create a stunning summer hangout spot for under €1,000. Her video has garnered attention and praise from TikTok users, who are inspired by her ability to save money while creating a beautiful space.