From Dull to Delightful: Our £2,000 Garden Makeover Divides Opinion, but Steals Our Hearts!

“Resourceful Couple Transforms New Build Garden on a Budget, Inspiring TikTok Community”
From Dull to Delightful: Our £2,000 Garden Makeover Divides Opinion, but Steals Our Hearts!

Irish Couple Transforms Garden on a Budget of £2,000

A thrifty couple has captured the attention of social media users after successfully transforming their new build garden for just £2,000. Documenting their journey on TikTok, the couple showcased their impressive makeover, despite receiving criticism for the uneven appearance of the final result.

Videos posted by the couple, known as ourhomestyle, provided a glimpse of the garden before they began their project. Anna, one half of the couple, explained that new build gardens often come with small, uninspiring patios. Determined to create their own outdoor oasis, the couple devised a design and got to work.

The first step involved digging out a significant amount of mud, amounting to five and a half tons. They initially placed the mud into skip bags, but encountered difficulties in removing them from the garden. Undeterred, they leveled the mud and proceeded to dig trenches for a breeze block border. Cement was used to fill the trenches, and once again, the area was leveled.

The couple then embarked on the construction of a wall, using hollow breeze blocks. While some viewers pointed out the unevenness of the blocks, Anna clarified that they were leveled during the process with the help of cement. The wall was rendered with a scratch coat to facilitate the application of the final smooth coat. Additionally, the couple repurposed leftover bricks to create a bar.

For the patio, a dry mix was used to lay the slabs. Although this made leveling more challenging, it allowed for adjustments if needed. Once the slabs were in place, the couple proceeded to paint, add stones to the edges for drainage, and decorate the area.

The couple’s achievement is not the only gardening inspiration circulating on social media. Other gardening enthusiasts have been sharing their tips and tricks for achieving the perfect outdoor space. One expert revealed a simple method for creating immaculate lawn edges using just three everyday tools. Another individual discovered a cost-effective hack for removing moss from driveways. A particular product has also caught the attention of Brits, offering a solution to the arduous task of patio cleaning. Additionally, a clever hack for efficient deck painting has been making waves, eliminating the need for paint brushes or rollers. Meanwhile, a gardening guru outlined three essential tasks to complete before summer to ensure a well-prepared outdoor space.

Despite the criticism received by ourhomestyle for the perceived unevenness of their garden transformation, the couple remains proud of their accomplishment. Their story serves as a testament to the power of creativity and resourcefulness, proving that even on a modest budget, a stunning garden can be achieved.

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