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Fear of Doctors Unveiled: Ciara Kelly’s Eye-Opening Journey from Expert to Patient


“It’s an interesting experience to be on the other side of the doctor-patient relationship. As a doctor myself, I have always been in the position of providing care and guidance to patients. But recently, I have found myself in the role of a patient. Don’t worry, I am mostly fine – thank you for asking. However, I have had to visit a few consultants for various reasons. I see this as similar to taking your car for regular servicing and replacing worn-out parts to keep it running smoothly. Nonetheless, this experience has been quite enlightening.”

Being a patient has made me realize that there is no hiding from the truth when it comes to my own health. As a doctor, I have witnessed patients using denial as a coping mechanism, avoiding facing the reality of their medical conditions. But as a patient, I have come to understand that denial is not an option. I am forced to confront my own health issues head-on, without any room for denial.

It’s a humbling experience to be on the receiving end of medical care, rather than being the one providing it. It reminds me of the vulnerability we all have when it comes to our health.

During my consultations with various specialists, I have had the opportunity to observe the healthcare system from a different perspective. I have witnessed the dedication and expertise of the medical professionals who have treated me. It has reaffirmed my belief in the importance of quality healthcare and the need for patients to have access to the best possible care.

It’s been fascinating to see the healthcare system from the patient’s point of view. It has given me a deeper appreciation for the hard work and dedication of healthcare professionals.

As a doctor, I have always strived to provide the best care for my patients. But being a patient myself has made me even more empathetic towards the challenges they face. I now understand the anxiety and uncertainty that comes with waiting for test results or undergoing medical procedures. It has made me more aware of the importance of clear communication and providing emotional support to patients.

Experiencing the healthcare system as a patient has made me more compassionate and understanding towards the fears and concerns of those under my care as a doctor.

Furthermore, being a patient has reminded me of the importance of self-care and prioritizing my own well-being. As doctors, we often neglect our own health in the pursuit of caring for others. But this experience has taught me that I need to take care of myself in order to provide the best care for my patients. It’s a valuable lesson that I will carry with me throughout my career.

It’s crucial for healthcare professionals to remember that they, too, need to prioritize their own well-being in order to effectively care for others.

In conclusion, being a patient has been a unique and eye-opening experience for me as a doctor. It has allowed me to see the healthcare system from a different perspective and understand the challenges faced by patients. This experience has made me a more empathetic and compassionate doctor, and I am grateful for the lessons it has taught me.

Overall, this experience has made me a better doctor, and I am grateful for the insights it has provided.

Deirdre O Meara
Deirdre O Mearahttp://toprated.ie
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