Exclusive: Maia Dunphy spills the beans on Ryan Tubridy’s secret plan to leave the Late Late Show!

Ryan Tubridy Denies Departure from Friday Night Show Linked to RTÉ Scandal

Ryan Tubridy, the former host of the Late Late Show, appeared before the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) today to address speculation that his decision to leave the show was connected to the current scandal surrounding undeclared payments at RTÉ. Tubridy insisted that his departure was a personal choice and not influenced by the controversy.

During the committee hearing, Tubridy stated, “I will be here until the last dog barks until you believe me that that decision came from my heart and soul and that the kernel of it was last August.” He emphasized that his decision was made in August of last year and he confided in his colleagues and his agent at that time.

Maia, a client of NK Management, the same agency that represents Tubridy, came to his defense on social media. She revealed that Tubridy had told her in confidence last August about his plans to leave the Late Late Show. In a tweet, she wrote, “Ryan Tubridy told me in confidence last August that after much consideration, he was planning to leave the LLS at the end of the season.” She also stressed that Tubridy’s decision was not sudden and urged people not to spread false information.

Maia further explained that Tubridy had shared his plans with her during an RTÉ launch event in August. She described how Tubridy noticed her struggling and took her outside for some fresh air. It was during this conversation that he revealed his decision to leave the show.

In his opening statement before the PAC, Tubridy reiterated that his departure from the Late Late Show was unrelated to the current scandal. He emphasized that he had made his initial decision to leave almost a year ago and had informed those closest to him, including his agent.

Maia also defended NK Management on social media, describing the agency as having “really decent, hard-working people.” She shared that she had earned €9,000 from RTÉ last year and expressed her support for the talent agencies, stating that the rhetoric and speculation surrounding them was unfair.

She further commented on her experience working with RTÉ, explaining that the budgets for shows are non-negotiable and often very tight in the independent sector. Maia emphasized that there are not a hundred talent agencies in Ireland and defended the professionalism of NK Management.

It is clear from Tubridy’s testimony and Maia’s statements that Tubridy’s decision to leave the Late Late Show was a personal one made in August of last year. The timing of his departure is not connected to the scandal surrounding undeclared payments at RTÉ. Both Tubridy and Maia have urged people to refrain from spreading false information and to maintain fairness in the ongoing fiasco.