Don’t Miss Out: ABP Demo Farm Open Day Happening This Tuesday

“ABP Demo Farm in Co. Carlow to Showcase Innovation and Collaboration at Open Day”

ABP Demo Farm in Co. Carlow is preparing to host an open day on Tuesday, July 25. The event, which is open to all ABP Food Group suppliers and farmers, will take place from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Farmers who wish to attend must confirm in advance by texting their name and address to 086 4405891. The open day will feature a range of speakers offering valuable tips and advice on various topics, including multi-species swards and selecting cattle fit for slaughter.

One of the notable speakers at the event will be Prof. Tommy Boland from University College Dublin (UCD). He will provide an overview of multi-species swards and discuss the benefits and challenges of establishing them. Attendees will also have the opportunity to see the progress of a 28-acre block of ground that has recently been reseeded with a multi-species mix, despite the difficulties caused by heavy rain.

In addition to Prof. Boland, a representative from MSD Animal Health will be present to discuss bovine respiratory disease (BRD) and parasite control in calves. Stephen Connolly, ABP Food Group’s agri-sustainability manager, will emphasize the importance of genetics within dairy calf-to-beef systems and will conduct a live demonstration featuring cattle weighing. Furthermore, a representative from Brett Brothers animal feed suppliers will deliver a presentation on best practices for finishing cattle, with a focus on feed diet selection.

James Hickey, from ABP’s cattle procurement team, will deliver a live demonstration on selecting factory-fit cattle. He will highlight key aspects to consider when assessing if an animal is sufficiently fleshed. After the event, food will be served to all attendees. Those interested in attending the open day should confirm their name with ABP.

ABP Demo Farm was established in 2015 when ABP, a well-known Irish beef processing firm, partnered with two beef farmers in Co. Carlow. The farm aims to showcase measures that can be taken on Irish farms to further reduce the carbon footprint of beef production in Ireland. Previously, a large portion of the farm was dedicated to tillage, but in recent years, it has been converted entirely to grassland. The farm, which spans 280 acres, is divided into two separate blocks and operates a dairy calf-to-beef system. Approximately 400 calves are purchased each year and reared to finishing. The research conducted on the ABP Demo Farm is highly relevant to suckler-beef production as well. The farm places a strong emphasis on economic and environmental sustainability, with a focus on animal genetics and grassland management. Heifers are finished at 19 months of age, while steers are finished at 21 months of age.