Calling all Irish: Have Your Say on Euro Banknotes! From Birds to Rivers, It’s in Your Hands!

“European Citizens Encouraged to Shape Future Euro Banknotes: ECB Launches Survey to Gather Public Opinion”

European citizens are being invited to participate in a survey launched by the European Central Bank (ECB) to gather their opinions on potential themes for the new euro banknotes. The survey, which began on July 10th and will run until August 31st, aims to engage citizens from Eurozone countries in the decision-making process regarding the design of the new banknotes.

The introduction of these new banknotes is a response to the advancement of reproduction technologies, as well as a measure to combat counterfeiting and reduce the environmental impact of printing cash. With these goals in mind, the ECB has shortlisted seven possible themes for consideration. These include European culture, European values reflected in nature, the concept of unity in building Europe, the future as an open concept, the symbolism of birds representing freedom and resilience, the significance of rivers as a source of life in Europe, and the idea of Europe as a collective entity.

Christine Lagarde, President of the ECB, emphasized the importance of the connection between the single currency and the shared European identity. She stated, “There is a strong link between our single currency and our shared European identity, and our new series of banknotes should emphasize this.” Lagarde further encouraged all euro area citizens to participate in the survey, highlighting the active role they will play in selecting the new theme.

Executive Board member Fabio Panetta highlighted the ECB’s commitment to cash and the importance of ensuring that paying with public money remains a viable option. He stated, “We are working on a new series of high-tech banknotes with a view to preventing counterfeiting and reducing environmental impact. We are committed to cash and to ensuring that paying with public money is always an option.”

The outcomes of the survey will be used by the ECB to determine the theme for the next generation of banknotes, which is expected to be issued by 2024. Following this, a design competition will be held, allowing European citizens to once again express their preferences on the design options resulting from the competition. The final designs are anticipated to be released by 2026.

This initiative by the ECB reflects a desire to involve European citizens in the decision-making process and to create banknotes that resonate with the collective identity of the Eurozone. By allowing citizens to have a say in the design of the new banknotes, the ECB aims to strengthen the connection between the currency and the shared European values it represents.

To participate in the survey and share their views on the shortlisted themes, citizens can visit the ECB’s website. This opportunity provides an avenue for individuals to contribute to the future of the euro banknotes and shape the visual representation of Europe’s shared identity.